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Q-View of my 1st Pork Loin

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Bought a full loin at Costco and cut it in half. Put one piece in the freezer and decided to cook this one. After looking thru a bunch of posts, I decided to cover it in honey and then rub it up...I only had some steak/beef rub but I added some brown sugar to it and it seemed to work well. Smoked it at 250 till it hit 150 internal and then held it in towels for 2 hours to rest and wait for dinner time. It came out very juicy and tasty and I used some of the smoky juice that collected in the foil...very nice all around. Check out the pics:

Just put her on the smoker:

Ready to slice:

A small smoke ring and nice and juicy:

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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Looks great Thanks for sharing
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Looks tasty.I used what was left from a loin for my first cananian bacon-should have done whole loin-nice job.
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Congrats on your first pork loin, looks like you did up right my friend.
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Nice job on your first loin....looks great!!
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Looks great nice job!!
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That's a juicy lookin' loin. Good job outta you!
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Real nice looking. I do like smoked loin, it been a while might just have to try another.
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sounds wonderfull. I have never tried the honey. How did the meat taste when you were done? was it sweet? It looks great.
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No, the meat really didn't taste sweet to me but it definitely held the rub on well which was what I was hoping for. Had some leftovers last night and it was still juicy and delicious.

Thanks for all of the compliments.
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