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crawfish, one of my favorite things there is. To me they taste like mini lobsters. Living in the CHicago area I only get to about 4-5 crawfish boils each spring. SO far I have been to two, and plan on at least a few more.

The last I went to they used a zatarains shrimp boil, red potatoes, onion, mushrooms heads of garlic, corn, and sausage in their boil. THe boiled corn rubbed with the boiled heads of garlic was a pleasant surprise. The first batch was very good, but by the last batch the flavor from all the previous crawfish was in the boil/broth, and they were excellent.

the 1st - 3rd pick was from a boil the weekend of March 21st. $20 all you can eat.

the last pic was from a boil a couple of weeks earlier 4 lbs for a little over $20 with a cup of Gumbo.

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I don't know what crawfish cost in Chicago but I would imagine Cajunsmoke and I could put a hurt on you guys at all you can eat for $20.00.

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Do you know any two people that boil crawfish the same way?

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The place is having another boil the last weekend in May, this time $25 for crawfish, and some cajun/creole items. ayce.

Live crawfish arnt cheap, you have to get them flown up, but this place is a bar so they can offset the low price & ayce offer in other ways.

I think had my $20 worth when I was there this time, easily 5#, and that was on a partially full stomach after having an alligator sausage, and some duck fat fries from Hot Dougs before heading over there. That and I still had room for a Philly Steak after leaving & heading back home from CHicago around 6 p.m..
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Duckfat Fries?

Initial impression is that I'll have to pass on that which is something you hear very seldom in S. LA

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Alblancher, you are right. $20 all you can eat. Man, that would be out some crawfish if you and I went up there and ate some. Everyone does them their own way and everyone says their way is the best. Some soak, some steam, some use a cooler, some don't. Down to $1.49 a pound now. Daughter's b-day coming up soon. Plan on doing 200 pounds.
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french fries deep fried in duck fat. damn good, crispy, and packed with flavor..

heres a pick of the dusk fat fries and the alligator sausage with cajun remoulade, and smoked gouda:

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Duck Fat Fries and Smoked Gouda on alligator sausage. I never heard of such a thing. Think I'll go put ketchup on a hot dog.

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ketchup on a dog, now that just doesnt happen in Chicago unless you are 4 years old or under. icon_lol.gif
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my bad veering off topic.

crawfish in Chicagoland are about $4.50+ at the stores already cooked(not what I want). Getting some live ones flown in the price goes up near $7.00/lb. with shipping.

Thats why the crawfish boils @ Toons, and @ Cajun COnnection are a great deal.
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Crawfish are little baby lobsters. boil with water, zaterans crawfish boil, fresh garlic gloves, paprika, cumin, and a beer (ok maybe a few beers) only boil for about 8 to 10 minutes. DON"T OVER COOK them you'll never get them out of the shell. Cook potatoes and corn first then the bugs. pour out on cardboard box and then devour and atleast try sucking the heads lots of GOOOOOOD favor in there.
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I got a Chineseses (SP?) restraunt down the road that has them out on the buffet. They do them up not too spicey and with a pretty good hint of ginger, they have had a couple of bad nights and a couple of great nights but usually they are pretty consistant at slightly above average in taste and not being over cooked (You can still tell that they are frozen imports)

As far as sucking the heads goes, I have to admit that the heads taste better than the tails. The kid don't do the heads so I get all of his too!
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Ladies & Gents.......

I just made it back from Florida... Yea, a 19 hours drive down there and another 19 hours drive back... Driving down rather then flying down was a HUGE mistake on my part... But none the less I got to have my first crawfish and biscuits and gravy...


The bad thing is that I ate them both within the first 2 days... My vacation was complete at this point... I had not much more to look forward to except the next nights meal... Then the next!!!

I am now hooked!!!

Thanks everyone!!!
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just a heads up for those in Chicagoland, or west of Chicago, there is a crawfish boil this weekend out @ Cajun Connection in Utica, IL. Typically Ron(a good ol' boy from Louisiana) gets a few hundred pounds of crawfish from his home state, and sells them for around $25 for 4 lbs. including a cup of his gumbo. I am not affiliated in any way with Cajun COnnection, just a big fan of his crawfish, gumbo,and alligator, & I have been to 5 of his boils, and they are top notch.

I will be too busy on the smoker this weekend to get over there, but I thought I would share the info for other mud bug fans.
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Sounds like a good time. Looks like he has some good grub at his restaurant.
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Hey chisoxjim,
Where is this place at? if ya don't mind sharing.
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Toons Bar and Grill on Southport in Chicago,

I talked with owner Danny @ a Chicagoland BBQ gettogether on Monday, and he was thinking the weekend of the 24th will be their next boil. Danny is a bbq guy, and a great host.

I'll post a follow up when I get the exact date.
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just as a follow up, I got word from Danny @ Toons Bar today that he has ordered up 800 Lbs of crawfish for this Sunday 5/24/2009. $25 a.y.c.e. Also red beans and rice, muffeleta, and $4 Abita ambers. Starts at noon.

I cant make it(the CFO, my wife, said no), but I had a blast at the last one.

Danny(the owner) is a bbq guy as well.

Toons Bar
3857 N. Southport
Chicago, IL.
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Few weeks ago we boiled 300 lbs of mudbugs, with potatoes and cob corn. Louisiana crawfish boil is my choice, the powdered or the oil or some of both. MMMMM Just follow the directions after perging the critters in fresh water and salt.
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