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Grilled Sirloin Salted Q-view

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I had some petite Sirloins in the freezer, that I had ear-marked to try the method of salting for an hour with Kosher salt. After I read Rons' miscue with the ribeye, I almost chickened out. I decided to do it anyway, since that would be the only way I'd know.

Here's the meat out of the wrapper. Very lean:

Smothered in Kosher salt for 1 hour (I was thinking, "This looks like a mistake.")

The end result:

Steaks are not what I do best. I pulled the steak at 135* hoping it would be Med Rare after it rested. It went to Med. That's the second time that's happened. My thermometer is accurate, I guess I'll just have to make myself pull steaks 5* sooner.

I grill on my Brinkman set up as a grill. I haven't found a balance yet where I can get it hot enough to sear, but have room left for indirect. What I did was brown them direct over coals, and then move them over and finish indirect. I topped the meat at the table with melted butter which had some Bouillion and Onion powder in it.

So, what's the bottom line???? I'm no guru. But my family and I decided it was the best steak I ever made on any grill. They thought it was great. The last time I made these same steaks, one bite would be "okay" the next tough. Those steaks I marinated overnight in a vinegar based marinade. This time the steaks were very tender throughout, no tough sections. My wife was a little agast at the idea when I told her this morning. But from here on out, I don't think she's going to allow me to make steak (lean anyway) any other way.
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Great looking steak !! Now im hungry againbiggrin.gif
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Glad they turned out so good. I felt bad when I read about the experience Ron had with his. Shame it raised another temp on you, always nice to have some blood pouring out of a steak, but great that your family loved them.
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Hey Big Steve,

Glad you stuck to your guns and salted those steaks and they turned out so well. Just curious, was it the salting them or the marinating them that you credit with awesome-ness, or a combo of the two? Either way, they looked delicious. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I only salted these steaks. Some time ago, my wife bought a bunch of them on sale, identical in every way. The LAST batch I marinaded, and wasn't happy with. These steaks were very good, and I'm sure it was the Kosher salt method.
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Sorry, I mis-read that part and I'm glad you clarified that for me...It was definitely the salting then. Good to know, because I will put this in my official Bag-O-Tricks!
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They look great!! Did you rinse off the salt or rub it off?
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Those look great, Steve. Petite sirloins used to be affordable around here but I saw some a few days ago at Albertson's for $5.99 a pound. For that price, I'll have ribeye steak!
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I rinsed quite thoroughly under running water, and patted dry every drop of water I could find. I wasn't sure about rubbing with EVOO and a rub at that point. So I ended up giving it a very light sprinkle of black pepper and garlic.
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Mrs. Bigsteve got them "buy 1 get 2 free." The recession started early, and is quite noticeable here in the Bikini state frown.gif
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I read Rons post the other day. I don't know what happened with his. Ever since I read that post on salting the leaner cuts, we have been grilling them up that way. I think timing comes into play when doing it. Our last Sirloins we did, I cover the steaks totally in Kosher salt. Waited for the salt to get damp, about 15 minutes, then brushed off what I could then a quick rinse in cold water to remove the rest. I have a theory on why some get a salty taste. I think that its due to not enough salt on the steak. Seems to me that when the steaks are just sorta sprinkled with salt, the soaked salt just sits there, , and the steaks just sorta marinates in it, where if you have a heavily coated steak, the extra salt brings the moisture to the outer edges. That's what I do. I totally cover them. Maybe 3/16" on top. When I see the salt start to dampen, I brush off what I can and rinse. I think one has to keep an eye on it. When it looks as if the salt is not taking on anymore moisture, its time.
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I am glad they were good. They look great. Maybe the leaner cuts don't absorb the salt as much, I don't know.

points.gif For having the courage to try it.
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Thanks for the post and Q-view Bigsteve, I been wanting to try this ever since Ron posted it last time but I've been afraid I'd end up with a salt lick....It's back on the list now. oh and it looked great.
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Here is a link that some may find interesting. I also like the way the guy tell his method. Check it out.

Hey Ron, where about in New Mexico are you? Spent a good part of my time in New Mexico when we lived in El Paso.
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I'm not to quick to add that much salt. Were they salty to taste?
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No. But others say sometimes theirs' do come out salty. Since this went well, I will do it again next time.
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I am 15 miles northwest of Albuquerque in Rio Rancho Nm.

I remember well after rinsing the salt it was very porous and more flexible. That wouldn't happen with a lean tough cut. Probably absorbed more salt is my guess.
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