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New Cookoff close to OKC

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There is a new cookoff in Tecumseh,OK. in June. It is a KCBS sanctioned cookoff and they are working on making it a state championship. Anyone in the metro area this would be close enough to check out and maybe get your feet wet in the compititon ring.
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I will have to look into that Not ready to compete. Maude doesn't like to travel but I would like to go!
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We will be there also, Are you going to stop in there?
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Hope so

Might have to work that weekend. When is Tecumseh?
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June 12th and 13th, You might as well join in all the fun and come down Friday, setup and burn some chicken with us.
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Oh yea if its in Oklahoma we will be cooking in it. I plan on cooking between 15 and 20 contest this year.
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