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Moving to gas

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I have run a few smokes through my Char broil, and I'm less than impressed with it. Making trips out to check the fire every 15 minutes ain't doing it for me. As well as the unit seems incapable of keeping up with -25C temps. And since the majority of my year is spent below freezing, my rig should be able to put up with it as well.

I'm looking at the Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain Series, and I'm wondering if these units will keep their heat up in the Canadian North.


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The GOSM is not insulated so I really don't know how well it would do in your weather. I have smoked in mine with it around freezing with no problems but we don't get that many really cold days biggrin.gif If you ran into problems with it I think you could attach insulation to the outside it seems I've seen a few people that have done that.
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In really cold weather it won't keep up, but that be easily fixed!

This be a foamboard insulation we use at work, called "Thermax", aluminum foil on both sides a a fiberglass foam board. Had the temps upta 395* before an the stuff wasn't even warm ta the touch yet. Takes a bit a new learnin curve after installin it cause temps don't swing like an uninsulated unit, but sure do make winter smokin alot nicer. Did a smoke at -25* an worked really well! I can take off them long johns fer summer cookin ifin I wanna.

I used aluminum tape on all the joints an exsposed edges.
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Now THAT is cold!!

points.gif for suggesting the insulation board, but more so for smoking in that kind of weather. That's dedication!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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At that temp I'd also think about some kind of wrap or insulation for the propane tank. I've read where temps like that and propane bottles don't work together that great. However insulation around the bottle helps even that out if just batt insulation. Something to give thought to.
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Part a the problem with propane at low temps comes from the fact it boils off inta gas alot slower, fer high use apps it can't fast enough in small batch's. Never had a problem with the smoker, but it sure wouldn't hurt none ta insulate the tank a bit.
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Used my GOSM at -13*F this winter. Warmed up to about 5*F during the course of the smoke, so take it for what it's worth. Really never had the setting to far above medium, but I have the 16".

If it's consistently cold, I'd do as trav says and put some insultation on it.

edited to add F as opposed to C temps
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Thanks guys. I ran a smoke yesterday with the Char Broil, and even at just below freezing, it couldn't keep the temp up.

I think I'm going to get into the GOSM, and I'm going to run travcoman's long john's idea. I can't wait to have the following conversation with my wife:

She: What are you doing??? {insert condescending head tilt here}

Me: Buildin' a set of winter britches fer my new smoker!

She: ..........
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You will know you are in trouble if you get the eye roll, condescending head tilt with head shake, and the "You are such a redneck" exclamation!

I got this one time when I was helping my charcoal chimney start faster with the leaf blower!

Yup, I'm married too!
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Knowing my Missus, she would likely take a moment to pause and collect her thoughts, then point out the fact that I had missed a spot with the aluminium tape. PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif

All this would be accomplished while she magically swiped my credit card out of my wallet icon_eek.gif
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