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First Pics of smoke

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Well I picked up a camera last week so I decided to smoke some meat and try to posst the pics up on the site. Hope it works. I have no ideal what I'm doing






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I can't believe it worked. How does everyone post the pictures showing the actual picture and not just the link, also not sure how to post a comment under the pics. Any help would be appreciated.
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You are on your way...

Here is a tutorial on how to do it.

They key is to use copy/paste the [IMG code] into the post you are making.

PM me if you cannot figure it out.
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Host the picture on photo bucket and then copy and paste the IMG Code in here.
The bottom selection.

Oops, Engineer beat me to it.
Well, good luck either way.
Nice looking Q.
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I think I clicked on the Email & IM instead of the IMG code like you said. I'll try that next time. Thanks
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(Large) 800 x 600 (15" screen)

I might add if you want nice size pics use the settings above so you won't have to click to see the pic, it will fill the frame like this.

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You can still edit that post and change them for practice.icon_wink.gif
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Thanks a lot Ron, now I'm hungry.
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I think I got it down. Might have to smoke some more food and post the results.
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chefboyrlee, you can post up to 30 pictures in one post, that way you don't have to do them one at a time.

So what exactly do you have going in those pictures?
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What size did you use?
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You can use the preview post button as well, and it will pull your photos in from Photobucket, so you can see exactly what we will see.

Nice smoke photos, and a good lookin' man cave ya got there...What'cha got in that Kegerator?
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Not sure what the size is, I just clicked on the bottom like and it posted it without changing anything. I'll try to figure out what size it is and reply back. As far as the pictures are it starts off with the dry rub on the pork and then stuffed into the smoker. I put a corned beef in later in the process but that was a waste due to I never soaked it. I tried one of them packages pre-cured from the store and found out later that it needed to be soaked if the salt content was above 1000 or something to that effect.
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Its a brewery here in Seattle called Georgetown Brewery. That paticular one is Mannys. Its very tasty. Stop by and I'll pour you a beverage
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Looks good

Sorry all flights cancelled here due to blizzard or I would be on my way!
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I think it was 1024x768. Not sure though, I clicked on the resize button and those numbers showed up.
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I thought so try the (Large) 800 x 600 (15" screen) and see how that works.

Good looking grub also.
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I tried to resize it and was able to but after its resized where do you find the place to copy the img code. After I resized it and wnt back to the pic it goes back to the 1024x768
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Ok chef, here is how you change the picture.
First, make sure you resized it and grabbed the right image off photobucket.

Go down to edit

click on Go Advanced

Right click the image you want to delete and delete it

Paste the link right where the old one was and save
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