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Baby backs & Crawfish boil.....QVIEW!

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Forgot to take a pic of the ribs before I wrapped bad.

On the smoker......

Letting the hickory do it's thing.......

More pics to come......Crawfish boil gonna start in about 4 hours!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I wish it wasn't snowing so I could follow your lead there. I have always wanted to do a crawfish boil. What do you boil them in?
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Hey pimpzilla, this is your neighbor from the north. Minnesota. If I leave now, I should make it in time for dinner at your placebiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif. Our crawdad season starts the 1st of April, I can't wait. Seems like no one around here catches them anymore. Don't know what they are missing. Make to post some pics of the crawdads once they are done.
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Matt- There is a mix of spiced you can buy at the grocery's called crab boil. I think its a mix of cajun seasonings. This is my 1st attempt at it, so we'll see how it goes!

Meat Hunter- How much per pound can you buy them from up there? I guess they're having a tough season down south, so it's upped the price of fresh ones. $6/lb flown to the nearest airport. I'm using frozen ones today....probably won't be as good, but I didn't want to sink a bunch of money for a 1st time.

Ribs are in the oven getting good and 'fall off the bone-y'. I'll have pics of everything after dinner!!
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Looks awesome my fellow Iowan! Be sure to show the mudbugs when they're done. Snowing down here in Des Moines.
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If you can get Zatarain's crab/shrimp boil up there in tundra land, it is THE standard for crawfish boils down here in the south. Powder stuff works better IMO. Hate to hear that you are cooking frozen mudbugs. I have been fortunate enough to never have that happen...throw in some taters, onions, shrooms, and sausage and maybe no one from Iowa will ever know the difference. May even have some first timers, who knows? The ribs look dang good, tho, good start!®
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Ugh....I'm so done with this weather. It was a blustery 22 here in Sioux City this morning. Makes it hard for the smoker to get up to temp and stay there. It's turned out to be a decent day tho........
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i forgot the corn on cob
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The ribs turned out perfect, the crawfish were OK. Here's some pics..

The boil ingredients.....less the crawfish

Out of the boil

Fallin off the bone

The spread

The aftermath

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That looks like it turned out mighty fine indeed!!! looks like on your aftermath plate pic, you missed eatin one shrimp, lets all hope that little fella was eventualy eaten, and didn't suffer a trashcan fate!!!
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Meat Hunter- How much per pound can you buy them from up there? I guess they're having a tough season down south, so it's upped the price of fresh ones. $6/lb flown to the nearest airport. I'm using frozen ones today....probably won't be as good, but I didn't want to sink a bunch of money for a 1st time.


Hey Pimpzilla. I have never bought them. I take a minnow trap and catch them out of the creeks or lakes. Your whole spread looks good. Wish I was there to help you eat it LOL. You said that the crawdads were "OK"? Maybe try this in the future. Take your Zatarains and add to the water as normal and boil, but take the crawdads and steam them instead. Also, one of our favorites, on any seafood for that matter. Put seafood in a double boiler or get them above the water somehow so they can steam instead of boil. Spriknle Old Bay over everthing. Fantastic. I have always found that boiling seafood weather it be shrimp, lobster, crab or crawdads, that boiling them just takes too much flavor away. Also, if you ever do decide to try and catch the crawdads yourself, remember this. They will taste better than any bought frozen. And two, after you catch them, get yourself a kiddie pool or something and let them have a few days in fresh clean water.

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Good looking ribs my friend. Try brining chicken in that crab boil, then smoke them. Taste id really good.
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Nice looking feast my friend. Don't forget to suck those heads.
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Ribs looking good. How much those crawfish go for up there? Have you ever thought about adding potatos, garlic and onions to the boil? Nothing better than eating red potatos soaked in a boil.
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The ribs were my best effort yet, that's for sure. I paid $2.50/lb for them. I thought they were very fishy tasting. I'm sure they'd be much better if I had them at a proper southern boil tho!!!
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that fishy taste is from the crawfish not being fresh. when done properly, the crawfish are dropped in the water while still alive.

also, next time, try a combo of powder and liquid for the crab/shrimp/crawrfish boil. that really kicks it up a notch.
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Hey Pimp,
Them ribs looked awesome did the crawfish.
As mentioned earlier, live crawfish is the way to go when you can get them. It's the only way down here. We did 30 pounds (small sack) yesterday. They were great. The price here right now is 1.89-1.99 per pound. (I remember when the were 39 cents a pound)eek.gif

They have the "all in one seasoning" as mentioned earlier, in plastic containers. It has the salt, peppers, and seasonings all mixed together. One container will season 9 gallons of water perfectly for one sack of crawfish. We always add a lil bit more red pepper though cuz we like 'em spicey. You can add potatoes onions, lemons, and garlic at the very beginning when you first fill your pot with water. Let it all come to a boil...and let it go 7 minutes or so....then add your crawfish and maybe some smoked sausage. After it comes back to a boil, let it go 7 to 9 minutes. At the 5 minute mark, we throw in the mushrooms and the corn. If you put this in any earlier, it will over cook and shrivel up. At 9 minutes, kill the fire and let it soak. Some people throw ice in to cool the water and let the season draw into the mudbugs. Some people hose the pot to cool it down. Either way, it stops the cooking process and keeps things from being over done.

There's plenty different ways to do things. This is just my way. Thought I'd share it with you and the guys. Seems to work out well as there is NEVER anything left over.

Have fun.
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