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Thanks Rick. You know you can have your 55-57 chevy's, but there is just something so cool lookin about the 58. Its just stout. Too bad this one is only good for parts. Should have seen my shop last fall. Inventory so far including th 58 are 62 imapala ss, 54 bel air, 57 chevy, 1928 dodge brothers, 66 caprice, 3 1949-1950 fords (aka, the lead sled), and 60 desoto. Oh yeah, the best find for me so far. Met an older guy about 3 years ago, had some old car parts that he was gettin rid of. He was taking a 47 Chevy to the junk yard and then I say it, sitting under a stack of matresses. 1964 Pontiac Catalina, Customer orderd 4 speed, triple carb setup. No rust on the body, no dents Started up, drove it home..............He was going to take it to the junk as well. I offered him twice what the junk yard was going to give him. $400.00

Well now thats what I thought LOL. Women, sometimes they can be such funhaters LOL
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Those wheels gotta be red
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nice looking stick burner you have made..

you got a good find with that catalina..
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OH CHIT. I'm speechless.
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Meat Hunter. Very nice and innovative build. Where are you with it? Looking forward to more pics. Trying to get some ideas for my project. Thanks.
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Where am I with it? Well Im about 3 hours into my smoke today LOL. Actually its finished, minus the paint job. The last pic in this series that I posted on here is pretty much it though I added a nice expanded front shelf that wraps around to the right side. I will put a finished photo when hes all done.
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Hey as long as you have thhin blue coming out of it, that's enough. Nice job. But I do look forward to the final painted and "shelfed" pic. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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Between the Chevy's, the 400 dollar Catalina and the a$$ kickin' smoker, I'm speechless.

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Got any finished pics yet??
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That is a real nice looking build... I like the idea of the wheels for the firebox...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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you should always ask forgiveness! never permission. always works for me! LOL
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Man I love these watching these smokers come alive. Keeps those pics coming and thanks for sharing it with us.
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This was a great thread, thanks for the time sharing and posting the pics.
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im liking the idea of using steel wheels for a fire box. ive got a pretty steady supply of used 15x10 steel racing wheels, mountin tires at a race track, got me wonderin how many uses they might have.
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What happened? It looks like all the pics are gone?
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