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Makes sense

I agree with Piney. The reverse should heat well.
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On that stack....could you try and have it centered over the grilling surface, exiting on the side...that way you won't lose any cooking space.

So out the side at grate level, and a 90deg bend up?
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More Updats....Almost Done....


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That looks fantastic so far. You've got some good ideas going. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWhat's the story with the baffle on the inside of the lid?
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Lookin good!
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Thanks Iceman. Well the story with that is.......

I have not cut it out yet. I was thinking about that tonight too when I took the photos. I said to myself, I should cut that out while I got er open. Nah, no one gonna ask about it. LOL

I forgot to mention, the round opening above the handle on the door, thats was some sort of hydraulic fluid level guage. Im gonna mount my thermometer there. Will probably mount 2 more at grate level as well. One can never have too many therms right?
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Really looking great. Lots of good ideas at work, and good workmanship. Great job.points.gif
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Unless it doesn't cook evenly, then you'll have three reminders...lol

Maybe test it first with a probe type thermo before you add all the therms.
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Looking great meat hunter. I bet you can't wait to give her a try.
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That is a way nice find on the tank. The fab and weld work is great, put some meat on that thing and lets see it work.
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Meat Hunter,

That is a seriously heavy duty rig you have there. I love the old school wheels, and I can't wait to see the innaugural 'que come off of it. Again, really nice! Keep the photos coming...I really enjoy the build process and love to see the progression. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those are the best wheels I've seen!
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LOL. Yeah those rims are pretty sweet. Its kinda hard to tell from the photos how far the wheels stick out. They protrude about 4" out from each side. I was thinking when I was out in the shop and lookin at it, if I had a different tank, something longer like around 6 feet and smaller in diameter, and mounted a seat on the back above the firebox and put those two from wheels real close together, it would look like a old tractor. HHhmmmmm. I told the wife that I should make another one to look like an old tractor. I'm not sure, but I think the look she gave me meant no.
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I sure hope it smokes better than it looks. icon_eek.gifrolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif

I'm just sayin' you might need to match up the wheels a little better. Steel wheels with pneumatics???
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Ok I think it needs no paint just a fire built cooking oil on the inside and out and a pork butt put inside, with some thin blue smoke out the stack. I like it!! Great job.
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Yeah there is a little mix-n-match going on there LOL. My whole budget on this since it was just going to be made from things I could easily find or get cheap was under $150.00. I wanted big tires on it, but rubber tires could not be used as I needed to place them close to the firebox. I did have a nice matching set of of spoked motorcycle tires off a dirt bike, but being so close to the firebox, not only would I have thin blue smoke, but probably thick black smoke as well.

I had the option of putting some smaller spoked wheels in front, but there were pretty heavy, around 15# each. The way its made now, the ballance point is just past where axle on the larger wheels is, allowing me to lift the opposite end with ease and haul it around. Let me get some paint on it, and some armor all on the front ones lol, and it will look better than it does. I'll admit, lookin at it last nite in the shop, its looks pretty rough. But ya gotta keep in mind, it really is a project to see how I could make a smoker out of common everyday items that are free, cheap and just laying around.
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Doesn't "No" sometimes mean "Yes?" In this case I'd say yup.
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i like it wheels & all keep up the neat build.
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Nice looking build so far. I also like that 58 Chevy in the background.
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