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Nice job. They look delicious. icon_smile.gif
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Lookin good Ron.
You've got me itching right now to fire the smoker up. Little late for that though.
Let us know how everything tasted.
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Hey dudes, thanks! The chicken legs were awesome, my wife loved the beef, but I didn't care so much for it. I do love pork roasts though, so that'll be my next thing again. Or pork ribs PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Sure was nice to have even temps the whole time though, one pan of coal did the whole thing. I had 240-250 for 4.5 hours before it slowly dropped. Threw two big dry chunks of wood on the coals, got 275 for another 30 minutes, and that finished it all off just great!
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Way to go Ron. This morning when I saw all the food you were going to make, I was kind of wondering, since you've had nothing but trouble before today. Glad it all turned out.

How many coals did you light in your chimney? And did you dump them in with unlits?

I've found if I light off 32 blue bag Kingsfords, then spread out about double that unlit, I can solidly hold 240* on my dome thermometer for 3 hrs. The tempurature then falls fast, because very few coals are left.

You seemed to have found the right amount of coal quickly. It took me a number of smokes to get it dialed in.
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lookin' real good, ron! i also use western family charcoal with good results. if there's no lump or kingsford lying around, then western family makes a very good substitute.
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Cool, I guess I got lucky. Last two times I figured I didn't use enough. And since I don't have a real chimney, what I did was this.
I dumped a ton in the bowl, unlit. Sprayed with fluid, and lit. I let just the open bowl sit there in the open air until it looked like this,

I stirred em up so the white ones were even all around then put the smoker over it and there it was. Somehow it stayed at 240-250 for almost 5 hours. I think beginners luck, watch next time it'll hit 450 lol

Cool, I grabbed it since it was barely over 6 bucks for 18 lbs. It sure did work!
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nice smoke wish i was there
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