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try here

follow links to burners
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Glad ya picked it up...Very cool smoker Dawn!!
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Got wire brush??
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Before I throw in the towel and proclaim that burner a dead player, I'd at least clean it up first, then light it off and see what happens. Like Rio said "got wire brush?"
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She is beautiful... Love her and cherish every moment you get with her!
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I'm with Mikey, clean it! Heres a link to a very simple method of cleaning using electrolysis. it's looks scary but it's extremely easy.
I've used it for small bolts up to whole fenders for a 47 dodge truck..
It won't harm metal it only removes the rust. it might clean up nice using this method..and it only costs a few cents to do.
If ya want to try it I can walk ya thru, but do a search and there's a ton of info to research.
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Thanks, Dan. Yes, I'd be interested in finding out more about it. If you wouldn't mind posting the link I'll show it to hubby.
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Burner Leaks

Dan blew out the burner again and then fired it up. Here's the pics.

Inside the smoker looks good.

Under the smoker leaks.
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