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My new to me smoker

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Meet R2BQue. biggrin.gif Dan and I went and looked at the smoker this morning. It's not a brinkmann, instead it's a United States Stove Co. lol Same setup. Inside diameter is 15 1/2". Got it for $30 biggrin.gif Haven't fired it up yet, waiting for Dan to blow out the line first. Don't need any surprises. If it doesn't work, it'll be a charcoal smoker.


Taken apart

Aluminum water pan

Racks, maybe chrome

There is a couple of holes in the bottom that are original and a small area all the way around the bottom that is open. All for airflow, right? The wood on the handles will be replaced as well as all the screws, some are rusting. We'll use stainless steel to replace them with.
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Looks good congrats!!
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Nice looking little smoker, Dawn. Great score!
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thats pretty cool. I have not seen any Gas ones that shape before
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Grats on your new smoker Dawn. Send qview asap.
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After taking a close look at the propane parts it looks like we might need to replace the burner, hose and regulator.icon_rolleyes.gif Oh well, might have to try it out another day.
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Congrats on a great find
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You really won't know for sure till ya fire it up now will ya. biggrin.gif Go for it, just keep the Fire Dept on stand by.
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Wanna sell 'er? Man what a steal, that's gonna make a sweet 'lil smoker when she's up and running. Can't wait to see her maiden smoke. Nice score, Dawn!!!

Happy smokin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Really nice find, Dawn. Can't wait to see what's going in it for the inaugural smoke!
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Looks like you got a bargain
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R2 should cleanup nice for you, good find icon_smile.gif.
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Nice find Dawn! You should have it up and running shortly. Waiting to see what you break it in with.
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Nice find Dawn. Either way it works out Ithink you'll love it.
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Look ta be a great find dawn! I see ya all got some trees an such in yer backyard, always like ta have some woods around.

That should make a right fine smoker when ya geter all cleaned up!
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looks like a great find stainless and all if the propane parts are history I'd make a watt burner out of it
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I got an idear dawn! Ifin ya really can't save it, you an rich can get tagether an launch that puppy inta orbit!
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ROFL, now that's an idea, Tip! It would be a fitting end to R2.

The burner is rusted out inside. icon_rolleyes.gif We're going to check out Lowe's and HD and see what they have. If it costs too much, it'll be a charcoal smoker in no time. biggrin.gif
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Rusty burner

Here is a pic of the rusty burner. Any suggestions on where to find a replacement for it?

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Check out www.gassmoker.com

Here is the page for the vertical smoker burners.


I have an H burner in my Smoke N Pit and I love it. If you have any questions about size etc, just call and talk to Ed.

You could not ask for better customer service.

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