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quick help needed

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please take a quick look and offer any advice:

i'll be going out there in about half an hour to take a look.
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Get it! The SnP, even if you have to wait an till payday. This will be big enough to cook anything you may want for a very long time. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I would hold out for the larger one as IMO you can't have to much room, sure it might use a tiny bit more coal but when you need to do a pile of stuff you won't have to use the offest plus an ecb or two.
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holding out till payday might be the best option. i was thinking the charbroil one might be OK but am not sure about quality, heat issues, mods etc.
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The Smoke N Pit. Hold out for the good stuff, my friend, you'll never be sorry. I have smoked 4 full-size turkeys in mine at once. You will have all the space you need plus room for improvement!
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Since I live a time zone or two away , I don't have to duck too quick when I suggest that you may have mentioned " Well dear , if you had given me a little advance notice WE would have not had to spend that extra 20 $ "

After ducking and hiding behind the couch PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif You then have the option of
1. offering to pay the difference yourself .
2. go with the small offset and plan to upgrade.
3. Start with the char-griller pro and then get the sfb in a couple of weeks
4. Do what ever you know will work best for you and your family wink.gif

Happy Belated any way you slice it icon_smile.gif
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1894 - thanks for the birthday wish - i don't know if i would live through your suggestion, but i know she's been trying so i am trying to be a good sport about it.

paying the difference myself isn't much of an option since my money and her money all go into the same pot and we have four kids....i am figuring putting half the $$$ aside this payday and getting the other half next payday might be the best option. having said that, i am finding myself intrigues with the idea of a UDS - so that might be the next project.
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Get a manager involved. Tell him/her that you were pondering this purchase and now the price "jumped" they might/should honor the original price.
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mule -

i did take it to the manager but their thing was that in-store the price had been 158$ for a while. i asked if they could honor the price and they said that tehy couldn't, but i could order it online and have it shipped to thestore. unfortunately, the price jumped on to 158$ also between last night and today. looks like i was a day late and a dollar short!

i am disappointed in having to wait a couple of weeks, but even at 158$ it looks to be a heck of a bargain - one way or the toher, i'll get it, but in an "economic downturn" it's tough to shell out an extra 20$ just because i didn't write a bum check the day before payday.
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I noticed the $20.00 bump also, however when you first posted the Wally World ad it appeared they had the same smoker for two different prices. Too bad you didn't catch it and print it out. As far as the UDS is concerned you might want to check with some of the folks who have them. If I'm not mistaken, I believe they only use 1 cooking surface. Check it out. 1200 sq. inches in the SnP and if the UDS has 1 grill surface it's 397 sq. inches (based on a 22 1/2" diam. grill) and 794 sq inches if it uses 2 grill surfaces.
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i'll check on that mikey - thanks - i'm liking the idea of a UDS but either way i intend to get the SnP -
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Well, do they sell your smoker at Home Depot or Lowes? Do you have a Home Depot or Lowes nearby?

I ask because good or bad economy, I have found Home Depot, and to a lesser extent Lowes will drop prices for you. On most any purchace of something like a lawnmower or appliance where you need the clerks assistance, they seem to knock some money off if they can see you're interested, but balk at the price. I got $30.00 off a $230.00 lawnmower that way, so it doesn't have to be a big ticket item. If you try it, be sure you're talking to the person who's in charge of the barbeque area. A person who works the floor may not be able to do that.

With that Lawnmower, I said I liked it, but wanted to wait for it to go on sale, and bingo, I got a sale right on the spot......

Whatta ya got to lose??? wink.gif
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You can get a lot of stuff on Amazon. It may even come with free shipping
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Hold out! You can do it!
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