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Rick...sounds like these are cut ends from the building process. I would think the are just raw milled lumber at that point. They would only spray the finished pallet if anything. Sounds like a good source. You'll probably need to season a bit.
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Yeah they are still green. Good thing is my brother buys it and has some left that he got last summer and fall. They should be seasoned
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They are pretty thin pieces so wouldn't take long. Maybe toss a few pieces on top of the smoker to help them along :). A hot sunny day or two will take a lot of moisture out of them if you were to spread them out in the driveway. A 2x4 dries pretty quick in the
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These pieces are more like a 4x4 about 12 to 18 inches long. They are pretty good size pieces. I would still think they would be good to go though.
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Rick take a piece and light it watch the ends for any sign of moisture if none you should be good to go. Sounds like you found a great source
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Thanks Piney, will do.
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I just used some for smoking.  It looks like raw wood.  If not, let me know.  Seems to work very well. 

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Originally Posted by RickW View Post

I stopped by today and talked to the fellow at the pallet company. I asked if the wood has ever been treated with anything. He told me this wood, mainly oak, is straight from the mill and is just plain rough cut oak, not treated with anything what so ever.
If there is anyone else in the Chicagoland area interested they have quite a bit for sale and it's a real good price.

Well , you did your homework and it checks out good. That is a great find. I know a lot of guys who'd love that as firewood but we're too far away. So , it should be good fuel for a smoker , right? Once it's seasoned anyway. Still it's a great idea.
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