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Smoked then Fried

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Has anybody ever tried smoking a chicken or turkey until it's done then dropping in hot grease for a quick second or two just to get that awesome skin that you get on a fried turkey? I love the smoky flavor of the meat off the smoker better than I do a fried turkey but the skin isn't even close to what you get with a fried bird. I know everybody says you can firm it up on the grill but I figured if that would work why wouldn't the deep fryer. Thoughts?
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Yep... KC did it last summer... called it "smied" biggrin.gif
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I did the smoke/fry thing with 10 lbs of wings this past weekend. They had a nice crispy crunchy skin and still had that smoke flavor inside. The entire 10 lbs disappeared so they must have been ok!

Oh yeah, it takes no time in the fryer when they come off the smoker.
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I hope this question isn't too ignorant but here goes anyway. I believe I have read that smoking produces nitrates and/or nitrites, just like instacure. I have also read that frying foods cured with nitrates can produce carcinogens. Could this be a potential problem or do I have some facts wrong?
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Everything will kill you these days. I wouldn't worry too much about it. My philosophy is that if it tastes good, eat it.
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well trapper if you're smokin the turkey you must have cured it, and the nitrates and nitrites are already in there.
Only when frying to a well done/burnt finish like some would with bacon will it cause them to form dangerous levels of nitrosamines which can give rats cancer. But everything does that to the poor rats. If it was a real serious issue I think the government would have stepped in and told us to microwave our bacon by now. And since the turkey fryer is only really crisping up the skin I think the odds are way down.....

Thats my two cent's and I'm sticking to it....till someone corrects me :)
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i do all my turkeys that way, i don't smoke them fully but i do smoke them for 2 to 3 hours then fry.. i have many posts on the subject
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I always smoke my wings then into a small fryer with basket for a minute or two.Nice and crispy.
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This past Thanksgiving I smoked a turkey to 140* internal then deep fried it to 167* internal it came out pretty good
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