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Corned Beef??

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Has anyone ever smoked a corned beef and if so how did it turn out??
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Smoked corned beef is awesome. Check out the forum dedicated to beef and you'll catch lots and lots of info and ideas. Way too open ended question to answer here. Check it out.
Watch for Pastrami posts...... it's made with corned beef. I've also had it smoked like a butt and it was awesome.
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Do a quick search here abouts, it is one of my favorites!
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Straight up?

Like a salt lick! rolleyes.gif
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No salt lick here. I do a fry pan test and if too salty just soak, never had to do that though. I think the brand you buy is what makes the difference so far as how much salt is injected or pumped. Also some of that brine is leached out when smoking. I have 2 on as we speak, yumo.

Like anything else it is a personal preference.
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I soak the corned beef at least 24hr b4 smoking. These are store bought haven't done homemade yet.
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The store bought cryo packaged ones I have done are pretty salty, but not too bad. The last one I did I soaked for a couple hours, which seemed to help a little. Maybe the 24 hour soak would be best. I would suggest Changing water when you can.
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Must have something to do with the brand. I get mine from Sam's Club... never have soaked one... and I have never had a problem with too much salt. I think I would check the salt content and make sure whatever you buy is under 1000 mg. If over that I would say you need to soak it. But when it all comes down to it... you can't go wrong with the fry test that Ron suggests. Everybody has different taste and what may be ok for me may be way salty for you.
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I forgot to mention that if the fry pan salt test is a bit salty, but not too bad, it will be less after smoking because you lose some solution when cooking.
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