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Feel like a newbie.

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Hi all, it's been so long since i was last on here with some qview figured i'd do a newbie post.
The last 5 months have been real trying but managed to get through it with my sanity intact and the roof still over our heads.

Looking to get the cgsp fired up again soon, hopefully this weekend, weather and chores permitting.

Did get it all cleaned up and done some burgers last week so she is re-seasoned and ready to go.

So, just leaves me to say a big hi to all old freinds, and the many new friends here.

Will get some qview up whenever possible.
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Welcome back nice to see ya again!!
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Welcome back. icon_smile.gif Nice to see you here again.
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Welcome back!
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I kinda missed that British bulldog. Glad to see you back!
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Welcome back!!!!!!! icon_cool.gif
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Glad to see you're back, teeotee. Ya gotta take care of #1 first...understood, and been there. No worries my friend. Do what you need, and let us know if you need anything.

And by all means, let the thin blue begin!

Good to have you here again!

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Welcome back to the forum. It's been way too long. Now get to smoking and posting some Qview!biggrin.gif
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hello from des moines
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Welcome back Teeotee!
It's been too long and we have certainly missed you. I understand about "stuff" coming up. I have some on the horizon .... May to June time frame. But that's later. Welcome back and we look forward to your posts.
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Thanks guys

Thanks for all the replies.

Looking at a shopping trip tomorrow, need to get some charcoal and I see HyVee is doing .99c lb butt sale. That's some good timing.

Trying to come up with a good (original) fatty idea. May have to go over to that section and see what's new in the wonderful world of fatties.

Hi ya JDT, i haven't gotten down to DSM for a while. Not since the wife's car broke down out in West DSM back in December. That was a fun 140 mile round trip to go get her PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif !
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