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Entry #3 Huevos con Chorizo Fattie

Here's something I did this weekend. I humbly post after the Huevos Con Chorizo fattie.
Here's the link to the whole thing. I also included a little tutorial on how I roll mine. Just in case there was anyone out there who was too shy to ask.

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Here is my very first fattie, It's a breakfast fattie stuffed with eggs, hashbrowns, onions, and shredded velveta cheese. then wrapped in a bacon weave.

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Step right up, and don't be shy, because you will - not -believe your eyes! They're right here, behind the glass (of your computer screen), and you're gonna like 'em cause they've got class. LMAO!

It is my tribute to the carnival...Yup, you got it, Corn Dog Fattie and Sausage on a stick cornbread fattie! Check them out at this link:

(I can't believe that I put a line from a "Tubes" song in my post). Check out this classic song on you tube here:
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My link, sorry abot being a newbie but here goes,
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My fattie throwdown entry #2, The chicken parm fattie.

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Does this constitute a fatty? If it does.... I'm entering it.

This thing weighed in at almost 8 pounds. I call it the Big Moinker Daddy Fatty.
More on putting it together.........
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So, May 1st, throwdown is officially over.
I had a nice post going last night that I was going to put up 3:00 am so all the smoking buddies all the way out to the West Coast had the final moments to submit, but sleep took over and the computer decided to restart.
Congratulations to all who submitted fatties and to those who have just recently tried your first fattie I'm sure you fell in love and there will be many more to come. Anyone who has yet to try a fattie your destiny awaits you...

I didn't see a need for voting for a winner, but if others would like we could.

Everything looked so good, so many really great creations and gorgeous pictures. Definitely have several fatties on the to-do list now.
Thanks everyone for making this a great throwdown with great looking smoke.

Fire It Up.
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They are all mouth watering!!! I think they are all winners!
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The real winners here are the ones that got to taste these bad boyz!
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I agree, no vote needed, there are several fatties on my to do list after this. So many GREAT ideas, there is no clear cut winner in my mind. Everyone did an outstanding job!!!
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The forum, by its very nature is a fatty-fest. Or: post pics of recent discoveries and inventions. The throwdown concept was taking it that extra step with the understanding that one would be judged amongst one's peers. The extra level of competition is what prompts us to bring our "A Game", and where new ideas are born - from which everyone benefits! If a fatty competition (or moink, or ABT, or whatever it is next time) inspires someone who scored poorly to grow from "hobbyist", over time, to "expert", that's more valuable than "it's an honor just to be nominated". In my mind, there was to be a winner here. While I wanted to be the winner, if I wasn't, that would make me strive toward bigger and better next time. That's when new ideas emerge, from that "stepping it up". I would rather come in last place than no place at all.
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I agree with Fired Up
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Late to the party

I'm always late to the party...

My boss gave me some peppers he had pickled, so I thought I'd try em. Flatten out the sausage, spread a bead of cream cheese, lightly sprinkle mozzerella (or cheddar), and then line with pickled red bell peppers, banana peppers, and some pickled jalepenos. Roll it up and samoke away...

I saw some good ideas on here I really want to try... I will add some olives to this one next time. I really want to try the pancake ideas. I had just told my daughter that would be a good idea... just before we saw them all on here!

Keep on slappin fatties.
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