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Pork Tenderloin - attempt #1

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After a year of smokes under my belt I figured it's time to dedicate this year to smoking new things that are a bit more delicate than butts and brisket.

Behold, the pork tenderloin. I thought I bought two nice size loins but when I opened the first package there were two of them in there (nice surprise). Both loins went into a mojo marinade for 4 hours. Wrapped the loins in bacon and fed them to Lala at an internal temp of 230. Used a combo of pecan and cherry to kiss these beauties and pulled when the meat hit an internal temp of 160.

They were placed in a pan and let to rest for an hour. When I sliced them up they were exactly the texture I was looking for, soft and juicy.

Here's some pics of my first, and definitely not my last, pork tenderloin smoke. Thanks for taking a peek!

Packaged loins

Resting in mojo marinade for 4 hours

Bacon wrapped and into Lala

Halfway through smoke

Finished and sliced
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Looks good to me. Nice tenderloins.
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Nice job, Laurel. I love pork tenderloins. biggrin.gif
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Between the pork tenderloins and the ribs that you did (separate post), I don't know which one looks better. Fantastic smoke!

BBQ Eng.
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Great looking loins! Thanks for the Qview.
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Great Job, Excellent Q-View

I Love me some tenderloins
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Those are NICE! Haven't thought about doing a tenderloin yet...another + on the (to) smoke list.

Thanks for sharing!

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