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Will there be another fattie throwdown?

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Missed the last fattie throwdown and was wondering if they are kind of random things that begin or if they are actually scheduled for certain times of the year.
Not that you need any special reason to smoke a fattie (I try to make at least one with every smoke) but was just curious.
Happy smoking.
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If ya want ta start one....go for it.
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I agree. It has been a while, I think we need another one. Fire it up just got volunteered to get it going. biggrin.gif
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Thought he was volunteeringPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I thought so too. I just wasn't sure if he knew that he was.
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I think he nominated himself...but if he needs a second...I second the nomination biggrin.gif (sorry to throw you under the bus Fire It Up).

BBQ Eng.
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Oooooh Yeeeeah, its on!
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like donkey kong.....
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I accept that challenge.
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It has begun...
Have fun and good luck, everyone.
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Now you just need to post and end date in a couple of weeks, and and how to submit pictures...
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Oh man, I want to be in on this. But I'm outta town this weekend. Let me know how long we've got to submit.
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Fattie showdown?

A fattie showdown would be interesting. I have a couple ideas that might work. If not I'll have to eat my mistakes. Awwwwicon_biggrin.gif
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