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Chicken and Waffles...not today! Qview

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This last weekend, I smoked a bunch of stuff , and have thoroughly enjoyed this week's leftovers. Yesterday I was at the market, and they had beautiful strawberries that I didn't need to take out a loan to buy. I decided to make some berry covered waffles for lunch, and then the light bulb went off...they need to be paired with a spicy and smoky pork chop! I love the spicy / smoky paired with the sweet and crispy of a good waffle. Here is the makings of my smoked pork chop and waffle lunch!

Pork chops being prepared on Saturday...rub was really spicy!

Chops as they came off the smoker

Waffle covered with wild blueberries and fresh strawberries, covered with maple syrup. It was so good, I had two!

BBQ Eng.
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WOW, That sure looks good, thanks for sharing PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Chops look fantastic!!
Need more info on your smoke... I want to try those!
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Looks great!icon_smile.gif
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Hi Gene,

Here is the thread to last weekend's smoke....(I have it linked above as well, but changed the name to "I smoked a bunch of stuff").

BBQ Eng.
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Wow that looks great, I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks.
They have a few chicken and waffle shacks up in Philly and they are rather popular. Maybe this will become the new thing.
Smoked chop and a waffle.
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That looks goooooooood! I just love blueberries. Pork ain't bad either.biggrin.gif
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I can honestly say that pic makes my mouth water !
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