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Who's got 2 butts? I do! With Qview

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Another couple of butts from this past weekend. Not much different from the weekend prior other than I've decided to no longer buy prepackaged Hormel butts. They just have too much fat. They were just ok flavor wise, and had to really work to get any meat in a sandwich and not just mouthful's of fat.

Also, I did one with a homemade rub and the other with a store bought (JB's Fatboy). I couldn't really tell much difference, there's was a bit sweeter, which I liked.

Enjoy the view

Always tender...because fat is always tender biggrin.gif

JB's Fatboy Rub. They've got a whole line of stuff out. It's pretty good in my opinion.

Apparently most of the fat is hidden inside biggrin.gif . Thank goodness for the case of beer.

smoked to 180 then put in the cooler, wrapped in foil with a splash of apple juice.
In this pict it's tough to see the ring which was ok. About a quarter of an inch. Used all mesquite this time.

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Looks good from here. I did one 8 this past weekend, too...pulling it for dinner right now biggrin.gif

Along with home made sweet slaw and cheap potato chips...kinda like white bread IMO...the cheaper, the better it goes with Que!

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Nice job. Looks like it turned out well even with the extra fat. icon_smile.gif
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Try a Boston Butt next time and smoke it til it hits 200 or so. You might find that it has less fat.

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Good looking butts. Thanks for the pics.
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Thanks everybody.

What I like the most is seeing that Bman is from Illinois and proudly flying a Hawkeye flag. Go Hawks!
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