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LOL my wife was just telling me about meatballs with Jelly. This potluck is once a month, and someone always brings meatballs. So now I'm second guessing that. I will say this..... NO ONE else is going to bring ABTs if I go that way.
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I think the ABTs can look good. Instead of wrapping the whole thing in bacon, just put it on top like a blanket... if you wanna go all super fancy, I guess you could even tuck the edges of the bacon into the pepper...

I had a similar thing last summer. I made a huge batch of ABTs, but I soaked half of my peppers in milk the night before... so I had a batch of mild and a batch of normal. Even my heat intolerant friends were fighting over them... worked out great.
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Well, I've made an executive decision. I'm going to mix a cooked fatty all chopped up into some cream cheese, with some as yet to be decided spices.

I'll fill about 20 Jalapeno halfs with it, wrap in Bacon and smoke. I'll take the rest of the cream chees mix and stuff it into cone shaped rolled up thin slices of Salami. That way, even the lightweights get some smoked fatty action. I think I'll cook a few strips of Bacon and add it to the Cream cheese before I do the Salami ones.

Hey, I'm no Julia Child...........
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Cough-cough..... MEDIC!!!!!

Geeze..... The Jalapenos I bought are juicy and very hot. They sprayed juice right on my glasses once. Eyes are okay, but my lungs are complaining. These babies are going for a swim in a Milk swimming pool.
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No Worries

Hey, no worries, you'll do fine. The heat from the jalapenos reduces in the smoker, and the pepper "meat" sweetens up-cleopatra milk-bath or no cleopatra milk-bath. It looks as you have the whole thing under control, so go hit the group, take all congratulations with a big smile, and be The Man~ the Smoke King!

We're pullin' for you, let us know how it turned out!
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I made them Saturday afternoon for a dinner/dance that night. I made 30, brought 3 home. I wrapped them in foil and towels and put them in a cooler. When I set them up, they were piping hot. But the "organizers" decided to wait 90 min to eat after set up. Sheesh. Everything that was supposed to be hot was cold, and stuff that should have been cold, was warm. Pizzed me off some because I put a good bit of effort into mine. Lots of folks brought Ginos pizza rolls, or KFC. Won't make that mistake again.......... I'll make them to take to a friends house, but not again to a pot luck.
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That sounds good.

Just the chili sauce and grape jelly, or do you also add some BBQ sauce?
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This is what I was asking about. Just chili sauce and jelly, or with some BBQ sauce also?
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Grape jelly and chili sauce, sounds scarry but intresting gonna have to
sneak this in on the family and see the reacations.
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Grape Jelly

Had to try this...mixed the grape jelly and chili sauce in a crockpot and added a bit of ketchup and Texas Pete's. Made meatballs using ground beef and sausage, fried onions, garlic and eggs and put in the smoker. Pulled at 165 and added the meatballs to the sauce and cooked on low about 2 hours in the pot. Let me tell you, MEATBALL HEAVEN. Will be making again as a side dish when entertaining, because you can make days ahead.icon_lol.gif
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