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Cold smoked salsa

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Since I had to smoker going at low temps the other day for a cheese smoke, I thought I would try something different. I cold smoked the veggies for making salsa.

Here is a few tomatoes, onion, garlic, orange bell pepper and a couple jalapenos.

Cold smoked at temps in the 80's with apple wood while the cheese was in the smoker for about 1 1/2 hours.

Diced everything up and added the juice of a lime and some fresh chopped cilantro. I did not smoke the lime or cilantro because I wanted those flavors to be veryfresh/crisp in the salsa.

The salsa did not immediately have a strong smoke flavor, but after a few days in the fridge it was more noticeable. All in all this is something I would do again if I was cold smoking something else, but probably wouldn't set up to cold smoke just for salsa alone. Maybe I am just lazy. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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sounds good

What a unique concept. I might have to take that on with my big kahuna. Maybe some mesquite throw in some chipoltes? Very interesting concept!
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Your salsa ingrediants dont need cold smoked. They can take a hot smoke for a short whle and they will take on more smokey flavor. Just dont over cook them. If you do just puree them and have a nice smokey sauce...
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Great idea! I think I would keep the holes plugged in the bottom of the pan to save the juices. Unless they were dripping on my butt. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Great idea!
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i just cold smoked some habaneros - 130*F for 3 hours... cherry/alder wood mix..

no immediate color change but you can taste the mild smoke flavors.. this will definately make some interesting hot sauce

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You are right that they didn't NEED cold smoked-but I was smoking some cheese and I was gonna make salsa it seemed like something worth trying.

Sounds pretty good to me. I like the idea.
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