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First time fattie and a breakfast recipe.

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Fired up my new smoker for the first time on Sat, a fattie and some chicken thighs.
(Qview of the load and discussion of the process and problems here.)

The fattie was just 1lb of Jimmy Dean's and 1Lb of hamburger, I rolled it out as shown in the stickies at the top of the forum, sprinkled on some paprika, and rolled it up. (Again, as per the stickies.) Smoked three hours over hickory and....

I need to work on my rolling technique, but otherwise lovely! (And tasty too.)

Sunday morning I used it to make an old family breakfast recipe:
Farmers Breakfast

Fry up potatoes (fresh, leftover boiled, or from a bag). Toss in precooked sausage and stir till the sausage is warmed through. (If cooking sausage that day, use the grease to fry the potatoes.) There should be about 1/2-3/4 as much sausage as potatoes. Test and correct the seasoning. Pour lightly scrambled eggs over, stir, reduce the heat and stir till the eggs are done. (The eggs should cook mostly from stored heat so as not to overcook.) You only need enough egg to just coat the sausage and potatoes, figure on about 4-5 eggs for 2lb of potatoes and 1lb of sausage.

Test and correct the seasoning and serve it forth in warmed bowls or on a warmed plate with Mcillheny's available for folks that want a little heat.

This is very filling, so figure a 3lb recipe will feed 4-5 people a nice breakfast if nothing else is served. Leftovers reheat nicely.

Not much of a recipe really, because I just eyeball it. Learned to cook it from my Mom, and she never used a recipe either. But it is *very* good.
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Nice looking first fattie.
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Looks like it held up nicely. Great Job!!
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I like stuffed fatties, but one of my personal favorites is a simple "Naked" Jimmy Dean fattie that I can use in other things or on a cracker with some cheese. I too love breakfast, ( Check out my last fattie used for breakfast here ) and since I am really getting hungry around 9:00-10:00, that gives me plenty of time on the weekends to get a fattie going to use with my breakfast. Your country breakfast sounds fantastic. I would turn that into a breakfast burrito with the addition of some green chili's and maybe some Chipotle Salsa and a blanket of cheese...the possibilities are endless.

The beautiful thing about the fatties are that you can let your imagination run wild, and some of the creativity on this site really amazes. I'm sure that this will be the first of many...Smoke on!
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Nice job on your first fattie. Welcome to the club. biggrin.gif
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