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Traeger Grills

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Who has the best price on the traegers? I had found a place in oregon that had good prices but lost their web site during a computer switch. I need to buy one this week.
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They maintain their prices pretty much across the board, find yourself a local dealer if you can as there may be occassional maitenance items such as the "hot rod".

I really enjoy mine.
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The website was probably the Traeger Outlet.

I bought mine at Fireside Hearth and Home and when I bought it last year all the price I could find on the net were the same but I got the Digital control for free
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Thanks folks, I found the website I was looking for, it was in Portland Oregon, and the the Texas was priced at 999 with the digital thermometer and free shipping. which means I save sales tax. I have a friend that sells them and am still waiting for his price.
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well I got the 075 Texas ordered today from a local friend that sells them. $940 to my door with three bags of pellets, cover and 225 temp control installed.
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I did not end up getting the grill from my friend as he was having trouble with the shipment and it worked out to my advantage imho.

I bought a traeger 2 days ago only to find out yesterday it was now made in China. Traeger has had all but a few models now being made in china since the middle of last year. I cancelled the order upon finding that out.

I searched this morning on a whim and found a brand new USA built unit a a lumber lard in a near by town. I told them to hold it and went and picked it up. I ended up paying about a 150 more cause of tax and extra pellets that were included from my friend, also need to add in my travel time but i got a USA made product sitting in my garage.
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Congrats and don't forget the pics!!
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Congrats Mike! I hope you enjoy it and have many fine smokes from it. biggrin.gif
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075? Congrats!
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Yes the 075. I found another local guy who is a regs dealer but does it out of his home, and has a a few on display at a couple store fronts. He has about 4-5 USA models left. He also hooked me up on what the wholesale cost of the units and pellets, covers and digital thermometers are. I got a decent deal.
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This made in China has to be BS... I can't believe a family owned company with great customer service would do this. Proof?? Link???
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proof is in the pudding, Look at the serial number, if they have a C in front of them they are from china, and easier way to tell though is check for the bolt on legs.

Call any traeger dealer and they will confirm this.
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Heck skip the dealer and call Traeger toll free and ask,

a couple models are still made here in the USA but the 070 and 075 models are from China
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