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San Antonio beginner

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It looks like this is where we start, so here goes! I'm in San Antonio and trying to get this right! I spent alot of time on the lake growing up and someone always had a pit going, but I never bothered to take an interest in learning how it was done. Now I have a 5 yr and 4 mo old boys and want to provide the same memories for them!

So I bought a smoker last year and I've done about 8 briskets that all came out tough. I've done some reading here and I will start a thread with what I think I've learned but wanted to introduce myself and say hi!

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Welcome to SMF Scott...glad ta have ya here!
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welcome to the SMF, look around for brisket marinades, my briskets started to get a whole lot better after I found the mop/marinade I like in Paul Kirks book.
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Welcome aboard.
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Welcome to SMF! Time and temp are biggies on a brisket; got to give it time to break down and get tender. Lots of good tips on this site!
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Welcome aboard Scott!
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Welcome to SMF, Scott. Glad you joined us. Take some time and read the brisket posts. You will learn a lot here. icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to SMF Scott, another Texan here. Glad you found the site and hope you stick around.

Lots of knowledge floating around in here.

Good Luck
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Welcome to the forums, Scott! Glad you found us. Look around, read threads, aske questions, and you'll get lots of friendly help. Also, if you haven't already done it, you might take Jeff's 5 day e-course. It gives alot of useful info for beginners.
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Thanks for the warm welcome! I belong to so many other forums, home theater, fitness, landscaping,etc and did not know there was one for this. I am PSYCHED about getting this down with expert advice from you PROS!
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Let me know if you figure out the brisket thing! My last one was tough.
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Welcome Scott! I have learned a ton on this Forum when it is up and running. I think they figured out the computer issues now.
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What up Tex!? Welcome to the SMF! Glad to have you on board. Lots of friendly people and good ideas here. Take your time to look around, and ask questions as they come up...we are more than happy to help!

BBQ Eng.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome aboard, Scott! Really nice to see someone so local to me here on SMF. I'm out by Bandera. Maybe we can smoke some some animals some time!

There's no end of good advice here, and you ought to be able turn out a great brisket with a bit of reading.
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Man, you've come to the right place to learn about Q-in.....
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Hi Scott, bet your teaching us a thing or two soon enough! We like Qview around here so be sure to post some up.
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