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Weekend smoke

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This is mostly pork so I'll post here. Broke out the smokers for the first smoke of the year.

Started with 26 lbs of spare ribs (before trimming down to St. Lois style), 10 lbs of wings, 3 lbs of bacon and 3 lbs of sausage plus sides (Dutch's Beans and panhead's tater salad with added mayo).

This morning there's maybe 1/2 dozen ribs and a spoonful of beans left!

The bacon explosion inspired fatty is outstanding!!

Q-view following . . .
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Everything looks delicious. icon_smile.gif Nice job.
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Holly Molly Sporty, thats's one smoking way to start off your Q season. Great smoke and Q too. Congrats and may this be start of a great smoking year for you. It's all good my friend.
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Nice job, man! Everything looks delicious. Now that's the way to kick off the smokin' season!biggrin.gif
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Nice spread ya have there!
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Great looking grub. Nice pics.
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Excellent! If I smoked that much at one time, I wouldn't have to smoke anything else until Labor Day!biggrin.gif
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That's a heck of a nice smoke...a job well done!!
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Such a great looking smoke, nice job.
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Fine looking smoke !
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