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Are those natural hog casings? If so where do you buy them? The only natural hog casing I get around here are from Syracuse casing but they are the end pieces.....

The crap they don't sell to the pros..
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That is flat out awesome! I got to work out a system like that in the garage. The smoke house looks awesome. Hopefully no one gets to liquered up during a smoke and thinks it's an outhouse! PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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Recipe! Did I hear something about a recipe? Again, a great looking pile of sausage, and as I've said before when you go you go BIG. Are you able to move your loaded sticks from your smoker to your blooming area with out pulling the links off?
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That is the only casing that I have ever used. I can buy hog casings just about anywhere around here. I just bought a bundle (enough to do 150 lbs of sausage) and it was only 4 pieces. These bad boys were real long.

Thats funny you say that. I called it the Outhouse. I have a lock on the door. Just so that when the kids are playing, no one gets locked in with the latch on.

PM me your email address and I will email it to you. I tried to upload it, but I can't.
I move the sausage in totes from one place to another. Its a bit of work. I like your idea. I might use that when I build the permanent smoke house.
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Great looking sausage Chevpro. Nice
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Awsome thread thanks for sharing!!!!!

That is a very nice setup!!!!!
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So what makes this Kolbasz? or is that just a different term to kielbasa?

I've been trolling around here again since i pulled out another pork belly for bacon and now i have a list piling up of new things to make! I have done regular kielbasa numerous times and also hungarian paprika sausage, but this might be one to try next. Care to share some details of your recipe?
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Your ends look great. How are you tying them off.
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