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115 pounds of kolbasz

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Here is another batch of Kolbasz. It is in the smokehouse right now. More pics to follow.

Thanks for looking.
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Nice andy, the hand is healin up an I'm gettin the basement cleaned up, Gonna give them a go here maybe next month!

That be alotta sausage buddy!
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Thanks Tip. Hope you heal up soon. I have a revised and updated recipe. Let me know before you make it and I will get it to you.
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Wow...that's some sausage. Good looking setup too. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

BBQ Eng.
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Great looking sausage, Andy! I think you have a lot more ambition than I have. I don't mind doing 15-30 pounds and once, but that's my limit.biggrin.gif
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Andy, it all looks amazing!! I know how good it tastes!!
How do you fight the neighbors off? I'd be over there every day just to see what you are making next. biggrin.gif

Very nice Andy!icon_cool.gif
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very nice indeed! I need to build my smokehouse so I can do batches that size.
do you mind giving some detail about the smoke!
how long? what temp ? what kind of wood. do you use an additional heat source in your smokehouse? thanks,
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good looking sausage nice job
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Looks good Andy!
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that there is a batch of sausage,and I too know how good it is,thanks for the pics andy.
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That's beautiful! Sausage heaven! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow, Andy, that looks great. Can't wait to see them finished.
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Mighty fine looking. Great job, they look delicious already. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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Here it is all finished

At 9:30 this morning everything was finally ready to close the door on the smokehouse. The Ash wood was thin and blue and the the smokehouse never got over 87 degrees. Pulled it all out at 4:00 and now hanging in the garage.

Thanks for looking.
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I'm impressed. biggrin.gif Yet another great job!
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Andy that looks fantastic really nice job PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Some day I hope to get my smokehouse fired up and if it comes out looking anywhere that good I'll be a happy camper. I too know it tastes great
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Here is a link to a previous post on my smoke house.
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looks great as usual Andy! nice job.
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Smoke house

REALLY like your smokehouse! Great q-view looks good!
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