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I did not understand the value of the points. I joined just before the crash and had to re join. I really never saw the points at work. I see how others value the points. Dave and I came to the conclusion it is about "the smoke" and indeed if others need the points then more power to them. It is a great site and I in no way wish to offend. Thanks everyone for your help!
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I also thought it was a legitimate question since I'm one who gave him points. Not because he asked but because he posted Qview of a fantastic smoke. I realize things are taking awhile to get back to semi-normal so guess we all just need to be patient.
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i just want to add to bassman, brian, ddave, desertlites. i am still giving points to smokes i see fit. if for the time being they dont add up well i think we will all live... i think the question is more of a when than a if, i am sure it will be fixed at some point. also i am sure we all have different prioitys, i would like the profile page fixed, the ability to view indivivual posts vs indivivual threads was a tool i used alot. or the ability to view all active threads like the old forum.... but with that said, have to look at where brian sits in all this. wonder how many requests he is getting and all for different things. i was thinking of pming brian with a list but after this post i think i will just hold off. maybe just lay off a bit and give some time to get things in order. the forum is up and running and the we are able to post our smokes. chat is up for those who wish to partake. maybe all isnt moving at warp speed but it is moving. happy smokes!!!
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Well said Erain I know people are upset about points and post counts and lost data. I'm sure nobody saw the crash coming and the server host not having a good backup. Brain is one person who also has a full time job and a family its gonna take some time. I'm sure the point system is on a list of things he's going to fix but there are other things on the list too and some have to be addressed first as they are more important to keeping the site up and running. As Erain said we are up and running and we can share and ask questions. I've been seeing some good looking Qview too just give it time and I'm sure things will be back to normal in time.
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I lost a ton also, but know Brian is doing his best, lets give him a chance. It is not the end of the world, guys. We can still comunicate.rolleyes.gif
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GRRRRRRRR AZ I will be nice.I love my desert-u like your city?
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What makes you think I live in the city and what about the acre of desert I still own in Arizona?
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I hope that everyone has expressed themselves regarding this thread, as it seems to be lost and making good time. I'm closing this thread in the hopes that we can move on. Thank you all for your concerns, and have a great week.
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