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Is the point system completely broken?  

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I've received points from 4 members in the last couple of days, but my points total doesn't change. What's the deal?
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Darrin, that's a touchy question around here as you prolly already know.

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Experienced participants in online forums know that the most effective way to discourage a troll is usually to ignore him or her, because responding encourages a true troll to continue disruptive posts — hence the often-seen warning,"please do not feed the troll"
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Confused?? Why do you call him a troll? He just asked a question. Nice bunch of responses guys PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I thought it was a legitimate question. If it's not working why not just disable it all together?

I'm a troll because I ask why a feature of the forums is not working?

I'm about done with this place anyway...
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if you would like you can have my points-if I have any left.
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In the past, we have had people "campain" for points and get together and load each other up with points to make them selve feel worth while, if it was used lagit, then ya it would be a good thing.
Don't leave, this is a good site also.
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Darrin; You might want to PM Brian with any concerns that you might have. He's been pretty good about resolving individual issues.
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icon_smile.gif Nice!
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If someone gives your points you should get them. I am working on that along with other things. It is not on the top of my list. I will get to it and I appreciate everyone working with me.

Any other concerns please PM me.
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Who cares about points? What good are they anyway? We are better off without them. I just like to send kudos so the q r knows what a great job they do. Points? We don't need no stinkin points! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Lots of people. Usually the people who earned lots of them care more about them than the people who havent.

On Edit: This is a general observation. This was not directed at you directly, I'm sorry if it appeared this way.

They give the new users a tool with which to judge the credibility of the advice given. If I tell you that the secret to great tasting brisket is to use old livestock trailer floorboards for smoke wood, how would you know if I was full of crap or not? If I had a lot of green tiles you would probably believe me. A user with a lot of green tiles though, would never tell you that.

No we are NOT! Frankly, there is a lot of misinformation floating around lately. There is a lot of advice being given which is incorrect by people who obviously haven't smoked that much.

That's great!!

Again. Yes we do in order to protect the integrity of the knowledge base and to preserve a certain level of trust.

And, yes, Darrin asked a legitimate question and should not have been accused of being a troll.

I'll climb off of my soap box now.

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Thanks Dave

"Deleted because thisa conversation is pointless and has nothing to do with smoking"
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I was not putting you down. I am sorry if you took it that way. I was merely answering your questions.

My response to your first question was not directed at you specifically. After rereading my post I can see how you took it that was, but, I assure you, that was not my intent.

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I agree with Dave. Points help. I know that when I started I looked for the ones with the most points because I was pretty sure that they knew what they were talking about.

AZ dont take Dave's comment as a put down. Its his opinion just like you have yours. We cant change how others think but it is good to know where they stand.

In my opinion when you say "ego rub" I think it is disrespectful. Its not a ego. Its a badge of honor. Those points are given to people from their peer's out of respect for their ability. People have earned them and when you earn something you dont want it to be just gone.

that being said. It will get fixed and we will have it back. If you have any problems with my comments please pm me.
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I have removed my comments but I can not remove the quotes I was just stating my opinion.
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points are points they do help new and old members.when I started here I didn't give a chit about points-and I told the oldtimers that,a few grabbed me by the ear and set me right.I been here a while and have seen many new people make and almost make huge boners that could and have caused illness.I ain't a pro like many others here,but sure have learned a whole lot from the people in this site,which most had points!Brian is working hard to get things back in order-and 1 day SMF will be again what it once was.ty
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Well said, des.

For the record, I don't care about my points total for my sake. I didn't have that many to begin with and I am sure Brian has plenty of work to keep him busy but eventualy the points will come back. But I do feel that it does help new users judge credibility of advice. Not that people without points can't give good advice. I am sure that there may be many members here who have been smoking up some good Q for years before they discovered this forum and I would not discount their advice because they don't have green tiles by their name. I feel it is a useful tool but by no means the only tool.

One more thing . . . azrocker and I have made up via PM but, if I say something that offends someone or you just think I am being an (insert term of choice here biggrin.gif ) feel free to let me know. My goal here is to help but at times I may be faster at typing than thinking. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Okay, I'll drop it now.

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I'm with "desertlites" I've been here a while, seen people come & go. I've seen WAY to many arguements. In my opinion this is the best smoking fourm there is. I've learned so much here. The people are so glad to help you out. I understand why some one looks for people with points to ask questions, but everyone here helps out no matter points or not. I'm sure if some one gives you bad advise that will danger your health, some one else will jump in. PLEASE don't leave the fourm just because of some thing like this!!
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