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I am with you there. It is a TON of work the way we do it. Gosh, we are killing ourselves, but we go back for more for some sadistic reason.

That is where we are 3 meats, 2 sides, pickles, bread 15 bucks.

they are eating it up - I mean, all we get is "best I've ever had" comments. So that makes it all worthwhile - problem is they want to book us for more stuff = more work. :-)
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"To reheat the pork I figure I am just going to drop vacuum sealed bags of it into simmering water. "

Careful. I have had the heat seals open up doing this. I suggest taking each end and clipping together to form a U shape that will be up out of the bath and grasping both ends when removing. I ended up with brisket soup once. LOL
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I double seal both ends of the bag ... It's unlikely both seals will open up.
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