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All I can say is WOW!!!! My mouth is watering. Send that stuffed shroom recipe to me. They look awesome as well.
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Very nice! Don't know which way I like it better!!!
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Nice job. Hopefully, PR will be on sale around Easter and I can stock up again. Give me a nice thick rare-medium rare piece of prime rib with some good au jus, and I'm on cloud 9. You can have all of the filet mignon you want. To me, prime rib is the king of beef.
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Roast looks amazing and the sammy's ZOMG! Provolone is king on all.

Just curious erain, did your onion/mushroom pan stay in the entire smoke time?
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Dang that roast looks awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, and I think I would look forward to the leftovers as much as the rib roast itself.

Not sure if everywhere, but Winco has had ribeye roasts in cryo pack at $2.98 a pound for well over a month. I have a couple in the freezer and a few that I have done up using my prime rib recipe, but now thinking your Q-view is callin me to smoke up one real soon.

again, thanks for sharing,
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OH man that looks excellent, dang!
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Well done sir.  I plan to make 2 - 4 lb roasts this Friday.  I hope I can replicate your success.



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