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1st smoke

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Fixin' to do my first smoke on my new GOSM wide body. Pig ribs, beef short ribs, couple fatties and some smoked sausage. MMM!! Hope it turns out good. Wish me luck!
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Good Luck and don't forget the Q VIEW PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Good luck and yes show us some qview.
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Good luck. Sounds like a good menu going.
Hope we can get some Qview
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Sounds good and you've already been reminded about the pics.
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Good luck on that first smoke. I'll be looking for the Q View!
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Good luck on your first GOSM smoke! Sounds like a great variety!
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First smoke results

1st smoke went pretty good. Factory temp gauge was about 30 degrees off, though. Had an oven thermometer from a while back I used, but I need a good accurate thermometer. Any suggestions? Ribs turned out tender, the beef and the pig. Fatties were immediately consumed so I guess that passed the test. Smoked sausage was also pretty tasty. Sorry. No q view this time. Camera batteries were dead. Hey, I can't think of everything. There is room for improvement, but I don't think that'll be a problem as I learn the smoker better.
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Your more amitious than I am on a first smoke. I have a spatched yard bird due to be out in another hour on my first "hot" smoke in the GOSM.

Everything I have read say's you want to buy a Maverick ET-73 Thermomenter. about 39 bucks and shipping is the best I could find it for.
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Glad everything turned out for you.
No worries on no Qview, I just closed my eyes and imagined pulling a nice fattie off the smoker and the smiles on all of your family/guests faces when they tasted it.
Next time charge up some batteries for the camera cause the only thing better than a Qview is being there in person, till smell and taste-o-vision.
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Congrats on the successful 1st smoke. Ya got any leftovers? PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Man that was a boat load of stuff for a first smoke! Glad it come out great.
And welcome to SMF
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