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Today's Smoke...

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Well, here's what I got going on today... besides basketball that is.

2 10# Briskets, 4 racks of Babyback ribs and 2 fatties (1 blew out as I was rolling it so had to throw it into an aluminum pan).
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Man, now THAT'S a happy smoker there! I'm looking forward to the qview.

Happy smokes,

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Looking good so far, sorry to hear about one fattie exploding, hopefully not too much will leak out on you.
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Now that's what I call a smoker full of goodness!
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ya that looks pretty darn good..

Quick question..

hows is it with the brisket juices flowing down onto the pork and fatties...I always wondered if there was certain meat or poultry or pork that ya shouldnt have dripping onto one another.
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Nice way to spend the day my friend.
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Since everything is getting cooked till finishing any juices dripping would be fine. The only time I would even worry about that is if you put something raw over a piece of meat that it drips on and then pull the dripped on meat right out, otherwise anything dripping out will either run off or just cook into it.
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