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butt rubs

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What is your favorite store bought rub? and the cost per ounce? or container (please give size)

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store bought rubs?? anyone?

Anyone tried Sams rubs? I'm not a member so I don't know what they offer.

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I have one that I got when I was in Tulsa that is pretty damn good. It's called Head Country/ all purpose championship seasoning. I got it in a 6 oz container at Walmart in the Tulsa area. It's big there. It's made in Okl. You can also order it from their website. .

I also have another one thats good too. It's Red Robin seasoning and its in a 16 oz container. Not sure where to get it or cost. I got it as a gift. Try their website.

Hope that helps, if not just make your own rub. I like making my own and seeing what I can come up with.
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These folks are somewhat local for me.
anything from Billy bones, i have used the compition rub, made me money.

I dont buy much rub, useally make my own, but these are 2 i will recomend.
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Definitely a must-try is "Blair's". A small national outfit from Highlands, NJ that specializes in Hot Sauces and Rubs. I cannot underestimate the "HOT" in Hot Sauces. If you like heat and flavor, this is it.

Anyway I get some rubs from them and have to say they're top notch- either alone or as a base for my tweaking. Especially like the "Death Rain Chipotle" rub. 1.5 oz glass jar for $5.99.

The home page is (I order online)

Hope this helps!
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New Jersey?!


sorry, couldn't resist.
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NJ? I Know......I know...

I know Diesel, but the stuff was highly recommended to me by a friend. I was thinkin' the same thing at first. I was wrong, they are good. Real good. They also make some kettle fried Jalapeno Spice potato chips that are awesome.
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Bad Byron's Butt Rub is it what I use. You can google it and do a check to see where you can get it locally.

This should get ya there
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Best commercial stuff I ever tried was King Street Blues Rib and Butt Rub.
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I like Smokin Cole's rub and sauce. He lives near me so I can get it right from him when I'm out. His website is:
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Hey watch it with that title.....This is a family show!!!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif:PDT_ Armataz_01_12:
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I have tried this old bay rub and it's pretty darn good to. Let's just say I like it so much it's on a pork butt as we speak smoking away.
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love old bay........heven't seen the rub version around here.
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good to see ya beard.........just finished a "torano 50 yrs exodus". this is not bad........24 oz ran $6 at smart and final.
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MAN I LOVE OLD BAY. I justuse it as a rub itself.Had it on ribs lastnight. Rub the O.B. in, then brown suger then more O.B. WOW thats the stuff. I also put rootbeer in my favorite bbq sauce. MAN O MAN. I was in hog heaven. I got pics. Ihave to get them up. But try Old Bay it is good stuff.

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