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MES missing parts?

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I bought a 30 inch MES yesterday, and upon assembly this morning, I think there are missing parts. In the directions it says slide brackets attached to the grease box through the tabs on the back of the smoker. Ok. I don't see any tabs on the back of the smoker. Are they normally attached when delivered, or did I miss something while pulling it out of the box?
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If I recall correctly the slides on my 30" and 40" both came installed when I took the smoker out of the box. Below is a pic of the slides on my 30".

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Yeah the screw holes are there, but there are no slides. double and triple checked all the packing and no pieces are to be found. I will have to call customer service on Monday. Good news is that I am 30 minutes from being done with the seasoning biggrin.gif Other than the clips missing I am pretty impressed with the unit. The latch on the door is nice, and it's held temp nicely this morning with 44 degree OAT when I turned it on. The inulation is nice too. Outside of the unit is barely warm to the touch. Time to spatch the yard bird.
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At least you have the GOSM to use while you're waiting for the parts. Good luck.
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going to use the MES today too. Just put a small chucky in it. The greese catcher shouldnt be an issue with a small roast. that and the back of the MES spout is over the edge of the back patio. don't care if the rocks get grease if it did get that far. Just ticks me off when all the parts don't show up. had 2 missing washers in the GOSM kit too. Since I used to work in aviaition, I had a good supply of washers to make up for that.
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My 30" MES came with those sliders attached. No grease has hit the tray yet and I've done many smokes in it. Seems most grease ends up in the water tray
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I appreciate the info. I am going to be using it mostly for snack sticks, Sausage, and Salmon. Not much in the way of drippings for that.
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Mine is still empty after almost 1 year. Do put some foil on the bottom and punch a hole in the back if you do get some grease. No big deal.
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I've had some in mine twice- one time when I did 8 butts at once, and once when I did two injected turkeys and a breast at one time.

I learned from this that while everything else goes nicely into the dishwasher, the drip tray didn't do as well. The paint is sort of peeling back some on it now.
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