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Boston Butt = Pork Shoulder?

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Sorry if this is a repeat question but I'm used to buying a Boston Butt for pulled pork, but I was at the store and couldn't find anything called a Boston Butt, but saw a pork shoulder; are they one in the same? What other names does a Boston Butt go by? Or, what cuts are essentially the same thing?
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Check out this thread post #2 yes boston butt comes from the shoulder and i have seen it labeled as shoulder
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Interesting read, thanks! I wonder then, since they are two different cuts, according to that chart, is one better than the other for pulled pork?
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The Boston Butt and the Picnic make up the whole shoulder and most people say the butt or what is sometimes called the shoulder is the best for pulled pork.
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Here is a link to an excellent article on pork butt / shoulder selection and preparation for the smoker. It is worth reading if you are relatively new to smoking. Check it out.

BBQ Eng.
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Thats a good article thanks I couldn't find where I had saved it
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Great article! Thank you!
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I have found that a picnic has more flavor then the shoulder, however, the picnic yields a bit less product, if I'm doin a big feed I will buy both an mix tagether. If I find picnics on sale I buy em.

Both er excellent smoked an pulled.

Just my two coppers worth.
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Hey Dvan :

just smoked my 1st. "Boston Butt" last week. Was extremely happy with results...make sure you read the "sticky" in the pork section AND make SURE you make the finishing sauce..Wow !! I've been eating Pulled pork sandwiches for 3 days now..the taste just keeps getting better....
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I've done about 6-7 Boston butts in the past; I really asked because I often times see both, or like in this case, only the shoulder. I may get a shoulder sometime and give it a try just to see.
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