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I froze my Butt off...

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I bought 2 - 8lb butts last week and smoked one and put the other one in the freezer. I am wondering what the best method would be to thaw the frozen one and how much time it will take to thaw it ?

BTW : I smoked my first butt last week using Meowys basic instructions in the "sticky thread" at the top of the pork thread, and let me just say...I USED to think ribs were the embodiment of everything BBQ should be. After smoking my butt, and using the finishing sauce, I have been born again !!! My pulled pork sandwich was a true revelation from God !! It was like the perfect combination of taste and texture..with each bite being a perfect measure of BBQ flavor..Pork flavor...and the taste of the roll. Call me a convert !!
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safest and best way to thaw is by putting it in the fridge. hard to estimate time, not knowing where your fridge is set at. Average thaw could be 3 days.
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If it's still sealed in the cryopack, you can put it in a bucket or a big pan under slowly running COLD water. It should thaw in a few hours. ( I use this method for speed thawing. ) What rich said above is probably the easiest and best if you remember in time.

Good luck.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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These two fellers hit it just bout right fer ya. Never thaw it in hot water, some folk wanna hurry it along, ya might get away with it a few times, but sooner er later yer gonna get sick.

Good luck.
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