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My new Smoke Vault

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As requested in my roll call thread, here's some Q-(pre)View pics of my new baby:

Sitting freshly assembled in the workshop:

And outside being seasoned:

Of course, it wasn't raining while I was assembling it, but it came right down as soon as I started working outside. Five minutes after everything was cooled down and I got it back inside... You guessed it! The rain quit.

Hopefully tommorow I'll actually do some smoking. I was thinking just some chicken parts to dip my toes in the water.
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Congrats on the smokevault I like those smokers!!
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Congratulations! You did get yourself one fine smoker. If you need to calibrate your thermo, you can just turn the nut on the backside. You're in for a lot of good smokes with that one.
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Looks like you got a pretty nice smoker there! Congrats,
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Congrats on the new smoker. Chicken's a good choice to cristen it. Some leg quarters would be niiiiice.

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Right on congrads
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Congrats, that's a nice lookin' rig! Lookin' forward to seein' Q-view from your first smoke.
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That is a sweet looking and shiny new toy! Can't wait to see the 'Que that you get off of it!

BBQ Eng.
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