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Wife gunna kill me!

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I went to Bass Pro today at lunch to pick up my Big Box GOSM, and they had the 30 inch MES on sale for 169.95 after rebate. So I bought both biggrin.gif I haven't gone home yet. I think she is going to strangle me until I get the first tasty treat out of the smokers for dinner. I'll be busy burning in those tomorrow. Hopeully be smoking some pieces of dead critter on Sunday icon_cool.gif Let the Q-views begin
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Congrats !!!
Rule #18: It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
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Amen To That!
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Fourthwind; You can keep the mes here at my house until the wife calms down. Trust that I will take very good care of it while it's here.biggrin.gif
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Do NOT tell her about them until there are no other options. I repeat... DO NOT TELL HER ABOUT THEM UNTIL THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS!
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Yeah just got a call from the wife. "Honey... what did you buy at Bass pro today"
Damn electronic banking PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif

Me "Just a few things to smoke meat with dear" She still doesn't know that means TWO smokers. I think I am going to leave them in the truck until tomorrow morning when she is at work LOL
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Very good idea then be sure to season them both and smoke some good food using both before she gets home. Then after she's had a great meal and finds out you got two of them you can say yea but I used them so I can't take them back now so sadly we are stuck with them biggrin.gif
Oh and congrats nice going as long as ya live thru it
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You could tell her about how screwed up Piney is. I'm sure that would make her feel better about your illness. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Good idea on making sure they are "used" before she see's them.

I will also remind her that I didn't get the one I wanted. It had a hitch attached to it so I could tow it home PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Just throw an event, charge so much per head to come over and eat some excellent Q, spend about $100 on some hog and make your money back plus what the smokers both cost, and hopefully you will have some Q leftover too. Then you win, your wife wins and the people who got to have some good food win.
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I must have missed it somewhere in here, when is the funeral???????biggrin.gif

Congrats on your score and good luck with the wife
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Well I get off of work in an hour. Takes 20 minutes to get home.. That means time of death could be anytime between 5PM Mountain time Friday and 7:30 PM Saturday. If you don't hear from me by Sunday, please call the Colorado Burea of Investigations. There has been a domestic dispute ending in my death. They should look for me to be stuffed in the new smoker. rolleyes.gif
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Well, it's been nice knowin' ya. Would you mind tellin' your wife that I'm interested in your inventory of smokers/grills!?wink.gif You'll be fine!!! Just remember that all bleeding stops... Eventually.
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First thing you do when she gets home is sit her behind the pc with this pulled up - http://www.pigroast.com/48pages/model48m.htm Tell her you would really like to place an order for one. You may be surprised and get approval !!!
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Now That's funny

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Which one?? Or she could tear you in half and stuff ya in both of them!! (Shudder)biggrin.gif
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If you remove the water pan in the Big Box GOSM you could likely fit me in with a few joints dislocated. However I realized I bought a 1.2 HP grinder a few months ago that could take care of my body mass in under an hour. Then the bones would certainly fit in the box that would be buried. LOL The things you think about on the way home to see your wife after putting a 500 buck ding in "her" checking account. So far I have been forgivin for the ding, but she still thinks it's for one smoker and some accessories. I guess 500 seemed reasonable after she saw the 3000.00 buck price tag of the one that had the hitch on it PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Looks like you guys will have to look for another guy to die and leave you the grills. Once she has the tasty treats for dinner tomorrow, I should be in the clear biggrin.gif

Bought a Chuckiee and a yard bird for this weekends smoke.. can't wait...
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Keep on hiding it man! When she busts you (and she will) just tell her that they came as a kit.
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Funny you should say that. I transfered the boxes from my truck to the garage while she was feeding the kids. The MES is kind of hidden behind some hunting gear I haven't put away, and I moved the GOSM to the back patio, and started the assembly process. The wife came out once I had the GOSM just out of the box, and she say's in a suprised voice. "Oh, you bought a gas smoker?" Fella's you could see the gears churning in her head. The price tag is not adding up LOL. This still seems to have the oportunity for trouble. Of course getting there is half the fun. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif I will put money down on the table that say's I get a call half way through tomorrow that say's "Honey, I was bored here at work and looked at the Bass Pro site and that gas smoker is only 200 bucks" Ya'll know where it's going from there.. BEG for forgiveness and pray the chucky comes out awesome for dinner. She can't swing them arms as fast on a full tummy biggrin.gif
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Tell her it was a special deal 2 smokers for about 500 biggrin.gif
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