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Brine the loin - Yea or Nay?

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Going to be doing a few pork loins again this weekend and wanted to know what everyone thought about brining them?

Would it do any good?
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Brine it, you will not be sorry
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Forgot this in the original post.

What/How should I brine it?
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Don't waste your time.
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Bringing is almost always a good idea. I would base it on the quality of your loin but personally I would brine it, nothing but goodness can come from breaking the meat down and introducing flavor and tenderness above its regular state.
Though I don't always do pork brined I always, always do chicken brined. Though half the time, maybe more, with pork I would say yes.
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I wouldn’t brine unless you’re trying to make bacon. Try injecting with apple juice and your favorite seasonings.
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Brinin is another way ta add flavor, so is injectin an rubs. Best thin ta do is try some different thins, keep a note book a what ya do with likes an dislikes. Everbody be different so ya gonna have ta experiment some. I brine some an don't brine some, sorta depends on what I'm lookin fer outa that piece a meat.
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Have the already been brined by the manufacturer?
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It will tell you on the label if they've added anything to the loin.

As far as brining goes it's up to you. I just did a stuffed loin and did not brine it. I didn't feel it was necessary. Give it a try this time and see if you like it. Then next time don't and see what the difference if any is.
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That's what's so neat about this hobby, the experimentation!! If you have a few loins you could use each of them as an experiment (as others have said) and do a true side-by-side of how each of them taste.

Whatever method you choose, good luck!
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What Laurel said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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