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Thanks everyone for all of you imput and I am really thick skinned as I stay married to my wife.(just kidding about the wife)

I agree complety with everyone that you can't take a internal temp to 140 degrees with a 120 temp at smoking. I think that after 8 or 10 hours my temp climbs up as I never take a loin off until it reaches 140 degrees. Then I let it rest for 1/2 hour before serving. When I say 120 degree it varies on the day as I do not have temp gauge in my smoker. I just set one in occasionaly to check it but I can almost keep my hand on the smoker most of the time. I will listen to what the experince on this site is telling me and the first thing to do will be install a quality temp gauge and check the temp. I do though and have always been smoking the loin for 10 hours on the average.

Could someone explain the 4 hours and 140 degree rule to me. Remember no question is a dumb one.

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Between 40-140*F is the prime temperature range for bacterial colinization, and where the toxins from their activity can rise to dangerous levels.

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USDA says that you need to get a piece of meat above to 140 degrees with in 4 hours or you are at risk of breeding bacteria. between 40-140 is the danger zone.
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May I suggest reading this thread

If your actually smoking non-cured meats at those temps its a matter of time until somebody gets sick.
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Welcome to the SMF. Looks like you've lit a fire here. In all sincerity, folks are just looking out for the well being of others, an honest jester.
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My little smoker doesn't have a temp gauge on it but I learned something that works great (idea came from someone on here of course).
I used to just hang the probe from my digital thermometer through one of the grates but that was a horrible idea. Then I noticed someone had their probe stuck through some dark oblong shape, come to find out it was a potato and you can insert your thermometer through a potato (have seen oranges and wood used too) and just make sure the tip with the sensor in it sticks out far enough. Then your probe will stay stationary and if you need to move it you can just grab your tongs.
Oh, and I am talking about one of the digital oven thermometers with the cord you can just leave in the smoker and run the cord out the side.

Here is a picture where I circled what you would need to stick out of the end for a proper reading. Need a new one though, it no longer seems to take proper readings.
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This works quite well also.

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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome to SMF!

Which Traeger do you have? Mine will not consistently operate in that low of a range. Low side on mine is typically 170-180 in the cold weather.

Lets hope the margins get better, I'm in the risk management business.
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