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Brinkman mods done (pics)

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OK, finally got it done. I had an old small kettle grill I parted out which made things easier and I think look pretty good :)

I took the legs off and spread em apart so they'd be wider and lower

I bolted the firebowl thing to the legs.

Then I put the old little kettle bottom from the old BBQ inside the firebowl. I put rabbit wire over the vent hole in the bottom and used it's charcoal rack.
Since it's sitting within the old fire bowl I should get just the right amount of air flow plus it will catch any hot things that fall.

Then I drilled and honed out the hole for the new thermometer and installed it.

And stole the vent doo-hickey off the old little BBQ, installed it and drilled holes so I can adjust the upper vents output.

And I'm done! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

Really appreciate this forum, wouldn't have known how to make this thing work right without you guys and all the help when I asked questions biggrin.gif

Now this weekend I can give'er a try!

ps, and now a super ugly homemade chimney

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Some pics don't show up Ron.
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Which ones don't show up? I see all 7 when I look, I can try re-posting the pics your not seeing
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All those AREN"T showing up?? Oh mean weird, I see all of them. Dang it, let me try something else then.
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Here is the album their in, can you see that and the pics?
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Can see em in the album...all broken in the post now though.
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Argh! Piccassa is a pain!!! I'm going to upload them somewhere else and fix them all. Sorry!!!
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Ron I'm getting all 8 pics.
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Good job on the modding Ron.
Don't know why others are having issues with your pics, just like two-eyes-up I can see all 8 of your pics on the original post.
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I see them
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Something changed because they weren't showing for me earlier.
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thanks! I think it's gonna work great now :)

I had to reupload my pics at a different site, so now they work
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Some really nice mods there Ron...glad ya got the pics ta come up!!
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Thanks Gene, now to get it working right and I'm set lol
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