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prime Rib and ABTs

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tonights dinner!
daughter and her fiance are visiting from florida so I thought I would treat them to some down home Prime rib dinner
they didnt even know what an ABT was yesterday!
heres the start of things

ABT fixins, some homemade sausage, green onions, cream and cheddar cheese, and bacon. I got the monster Japs at Wal-Mart

stuffed and ready!

7lb boneless prime rib

seasoned with some fresh crushed garlic, pepper and onion,
with a touch of italian seasoning

rib is on now should be at 130* at around 5 this evening, will post the results in the morning
thanks for looking
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Looks good, wish I was coming to dinner
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Dang it, I hate when you guys do this.....make me wait til tomorrow
Lookin good uncle!!
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What time did you say I needed to be there for dinner? Looks great.
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I LOVE prime rib. Can't understand the fussy folk who pare it apart on the plate and leave all the gorgeous melt in your mouth fat on the side.

You can tease us a little more can't you? How are you smoking it? Temp? Wood?
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its in @225* with hickory!
I just put the ABTs in about 45 minutes ago
it should all be done in about an hour and a half.
I will take more pics, but with a couple other guests coming over and a meeting to
go to later, Im not sure if I will have time to post them tonight or not.
you may have to drewl until morning!
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Dreams of PR and ABT's dancin in my head!!
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Lar, looks like a great meal coming your way.
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Excellent start to an awesome meal. Bet your house is smelling good right now biggrin.gif
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the finished product

It was so hectic that I did not get a shot of it plated
but heres a couple shots of the finshed ABTs and Rib
I pulled the roast @ 132* foiled it and put in a cooler for about 40 minutes while we ate the appetizers and got everthing else ready
the rest of the meal was red potatoes that I made into garlic mashed with cheddar cheese and green bean casserole. then for dessert it was the wifes homemade apple pie!

Here's the ABTs, could have crisped them up a little more but I didnt want to wait!

the prime Rib pulled @ 132*

done to perfection it was fabulous!

the leftovers will meet to the Hobart Slicer for shaved beef sammies!! yum!
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Wow, it was worth the wait to see the Q View! Thanks for sharing with us, I know a good time was had by all.
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Yum! That looks delicious! biggrin.gif
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Great job on the prime rib, everything looks mouthwatering.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Your prime rib has the perfect amount of moo left biggrin.gif Awesome job!
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What are these "leftovers" that you speak of?
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