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First brisket with q-view

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Shes an 8 lber and she has been in for an hour. I havent peeked yet, but temps are steady and holding where they need to be.
I trimmed a little fat, not much really. Used my rub that I use for ribs and butts. A little brown sugar and spice rub that has been treating me very kindly. I figure bring it up to 170 foil til 190 then wrap her in some towels and throw her in the cooler for a good while.
Cant wait to eat that sucker. Ive got some slaw and my corn dish for sides.

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Looks like your off to a good start! I check in later to see the results.
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Looking forward to the finished pics. Looks good so far.
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Well!!!!, is it done yet? Probable not only been a couple of hours.
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Looks like you're in for some tasty Q my friend.
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Sounds good. Cant wait for "the rest of the story"
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How's it coming along?
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It's been 9 hours since your post...any q-view progress shots?
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Yep should be about done and in the cooler? How did everything turn out for you? Looking forward to the pictures.
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OK. its almost lunch..need to see the Qview
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Heres the finished product. Turned out super tender and tasty. Cant wait to do it again this weekend!
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Looks great. Your finished picture made my stomach jealous.
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Congrats on your 1st briskie.....Nice job!!!
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