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Ok, so when preparing a dry salmon brine for the first time, always double check your proportions....These little pink salt licks could have been avoided. At the same time, I wish I had a camera for the look on my wife and 5 year old son's face. Timmy was terribly disappointed. We have been talking about smoking salmon for months now and he was really excited. He was a real trooper though. He managed to saw off a corner after about 30 seconds and he really tried to like it. I was proud. No Q-view on this one, though the color was nice! And the apple smoke sure smelled good!

Note to self.....4c Br. Sugar, 1c Pickling Salt....don't get that backwards...
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OUCH! Had you realized before hand that you fudged the brine? If so I wonder how well several clean water baths you could have given it to maybe draw some of the salt back out? Hard with something as absorbent as salmon.
Maybe, just maybe you could mix it up with some cream cheese and green onions and make a spread? Or the cream cheese, green onions, lowest possible sodium soy sauce and make some won-tons. Just hoping after all of that hard work you are able to save something out of it.
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I was wondering when I rinsed them. They were...shall wee say.. a bit firm? I rinsed the snot out of them and went with it anyway, not knowing anything about it. Oh well, was decent practice for regulating temps anyway...

And even the dog won't eat them, I think they are unrecoverable. Though I might be able to sell sell them to the NHL for pucks?
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biggrin.gif Sounds like when I was making a rub that called for 1/2 cup of paprika and I grabbed the cayenne pepper! Fortunately, I caught it before I had it mixed and was able to salvage the rub.
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i have been smoking salmon since the 90s, until i got into this site last fall. i don't know what to tell you. i think Bassman has got it .
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Well look at the positive side. You won't do that again.

Most of us have made some dumb mistakes. I sure have and have learned from them. Get back on that horse and don't forget to give us some pictures of the finished product and a smile on Timmy's face.
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Get another salmon quickly and re do it before Timmy decides all smoked salmon is bad.
That and it will give you another reason to fire up the smoker. Nothing wrong with that.
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I used to mix all kinds of wet & dry brines with a million different ingredients. The method I use most now is just plain Kosher salt, applied rather heavy for an hour on thin filets & 2 hours on thick filets & into the fridge, rinse well, pat down with paper towels & smoke. Add some brown sugar before you smoke if you like the sweeter flavor. It is foolproof & delicious. My father in law has been doing this for about 40 years & SALMONCLUBBER also does something similar. I use Alder for wood & my father in law uses Vine Maple. Don't give up though & not too heavy on the smoke for fish.
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I agrre with Fishawn keep it simple and it will be great just dont give up you will figure out what you like i basically do all my salmon the same way as Fishawn heavy coat of salt rinse and throw into the smoker
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O man.... you gotta have dill.... salmon and dill were made for each other.... add a little dill.
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