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Ron's cure

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OK, I saw uncle_lar's post about Ron's cure. Did a search, but came up blank. Anyone wanna share?
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Boosh! Great job on the link so fast PignIt, I'm happy you were able to find it, gotta try some of that, looked great ron.
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I thought this was going to be a thread about Ron's cure. Which I assumed was going to be about 14 years of therapy with Dr. Phil and its something about smoking meat instead......hahahahahha

Gotchya! Ron biggrin.gif
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I've used Rons cure idea on chicken legs and they were excellent!
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Thanks for the link! Gonna try that real soon!
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Thanks for the compliments guys.
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deffinately worth trying ! I did legs and thighs and they were great!!
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The link to the recipe is not working anymore.
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Here is the link you are looking for I think.
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I made some smoked chicken noodle soup with
the leftover thighs and stock that I had put in my water pan
when I smoked them. it turned out Fabulous!!
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Thanks Ron I will try this. They look awesome.
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