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Pulled Pork QVIEW (last weekend)

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Sorry its so late, but better late than never. I smoked a 6.16 lb butt on my UDS. It took over 10 hrs but turned out great. trying to practice for first comp this august.
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Good looking plate you got there
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Looks good, ABT MOINK also. Gotta love that.
I assume you took it to 200 in foil?
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Looking good! Been a little while since I've done a butt. That one sure got me in the mood for one. Nice job!
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Looks great. I've never done a comp, so can't help you there.
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looks real good... got to try a butt.
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I agree, looks great.
What did you stuff your fattie with? Beautiful smoke ring on it by the way.
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Dude that looks awesome! Is that peperoni in the fattie? Jalapenos look great and the meatball with bacon wraps! Great looking grub!
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I actually didn't foil at all. I usually foil at 165 but didn't this time to see what it would do. I think it took longer but if you have the time I recommend it. Bark was great. Thanks by the way.

And the fattie was stuffed with pepperoni and mozz cheese. I wish I would have put marinara (sp?) inside or used it as a sauce but I had a lot going on at once, maybe next time

Thanks everyone for the comments
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Great looking vittles you have there! Looks like you had pretty good bark too
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Everything looks great, Grindstaff! Interesting, no foil. I like the look of your bark. Gotta try the no-foil idea on my next butt.
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Congrats on a great smoke and some tasty looking Q tooo! Good looking bark on that puppy.
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